Young Royals (Netflix)

I liked it but even in Season 1 I thought it was a bit too much scheming and back and forth. I think the show is at its strongest when it's focusing on the characters. There's no need to constantly up the drama for them.
My feeling was they burned through so much story in season one that season two largely felt like treading water as it could not keep up with the same stakes as the first season.

Keeping Wilhelmin and Simon apart for most of the season did not help, and most of the drama felt very low stakes.

Hopefully season three gives it the send off it deserves.
This is kinda ridiculous. S3 is so bad in every way. I wasn't expecting this. You have 6 episodes and instead going for a closure, you add new elements and problems ? Really ? Simon is so bad I'm just waiting for a Saltburn like finale ! There's no other way to justify his behaviour ! So happy it's over next week.
And, please, someone tell Simon how to make his IG profile private !
28 minuts into last episode and it's just so

I was jocking about a Saltburn-like drama. but that's that. How manupulative Simon is ? When he tells Wille "I gave up royals, not us", he clearly wants Wille to give up a part of himself. The message of this series is so bad.
Better call it "Hillerska" cos nothing can happen ouside
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