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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. I can’t believe it’s ending next week.

  2. This season has been dreadful and doesn't feel like it has been building to a conclusion at all. I'm shocked there is only one episode left, but I'm also glad this is coming to an end.
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  3. Hopefully the will they/won't they will be put to bed forever. Also, Lauren has finally grown on me slightly.
  4. A shame we've missed Diana for the entire last season (I can't even remember if she was in the last one?).
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  5. Is there any way to catch up on Season 5 onwards in the UK? Preferably from a legitimate source. I’d been catching up on Comedy Central by recording all the episodes being shown in the middle of the night but they abruptly stopped at episode 5.

    As if they have anything better to show at 3am...
  6. I think the license might have been up as it's all vanished from Now TV too. But they seem to only put it on for a limited run each time.
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  7. MB


    With any luck amazon prime or netflix will pick it up. As half arsed as this last season has been it's still been a great show with some amazing moments.
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  8. The final episode is out on Paramount+ and it’s 46 mins. I’m about to watch.
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  9. The way the finale demolished every romantic pairing except Maggie's toxic one in the space of 46 minutes only to end on another cycle of Liza going back to Josh was such a scream.
  10. From what I’ve been told, this was never going to happen because Hilary never had an interest in doing it, but the producers were still talking about it in the press regardless.
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  11. MB


    Well that entire season was a damn struggle and the last episode was no different. 6 great seasons and 1 terrible one isn’t too bad. Just wish it had gone out on a high.
    Everyone’s stories were very abruptly wrapped up and badly done as well.
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  12. The finale was legitimately infuriating. Easily among the worst series finales I've ever seen and an insult to the genuinely great first five seasons.
  13. The finale was a mess!

    Liza spending all season finding her way back to Charles only to settle for Josh... who barely appeared all season and had shown her no interest in those interactions?

    Maggie ending up in a toxic relationship and Lauren wasting half an episode falling in love with someone, only for the payoff to be “teehee gay threesome”...

    Also - Diana should have been Kelsey’s mystery investor.

    The whole last season was fine... but it was definitely treading water and needed a big payoff that it did not deliver on.

    The show’s biggest flaw has always been how inconsistently they’ve given storylines and airtime to supporting characters and this was no different.

    I’ll miss the chaotic storylines but it was time to go!
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  14. It's odd as they knew this was the last season and had a huge break between Season 6 and 7 to prepare for it too.
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  15. I’m a Hilary Duff stan to the absolute core but have never managed to catch Younger here in the UK. But NowTV now have season’s 1-7 (or 1-6, I think?!) so I’ve started watched it yesterday.

    It’s a fun bit of fluff! It does feel like the closest thing we will ever get to a Lizzie McGuire reboot.

    I’ve read some of the last few pages that say the quality dips a fair bit later down the line. But looking forward to watching the entire show over the summer!
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  16. It’s honestly all delightful fluff until the final season, which is just bad. But the first six are definitely worth the watch!
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  18. I still want that Kelsey spinoff. Strange that they unofficially announced it but Hilary wasn't game. How the hell does that even work.
  19. They were developing an idea, this info was leaked to the press, but in the end it didn't get much further than that. Darren Star repeatedly emphasised that it wasn't a sure-fire thing. I reckon Hilary would have come on board if they'd gotten further into the process and secured a network etc. I just don't think they worked quickly enough to get it going and other things landed at her feet instead.
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