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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Apr 4, 2015.

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  2. This show remains super enjoyable, despite some shoddy/cringe-worthy writing.
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  3. The latest episode was great, so many little twists that could lead to great pay off eventually. I was hoping they'd all find out her real age when she was in the hospital.
  4. I started watching it pervious week just because Hillary and I finished first two seasons today ! It is amazing and I'm excited to see you guys are saying season 3 is better !

    Every Duff fan should watch this , I think ! @DJHazey Do you ?
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  5. They missed such a good opportunity to have Josh, David and Charles all in the hospital room at the same time!
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  6. Sad there was no episode this week!? Was that due to Thanksgiving, and does anyone know when it'll be back?
  7. next week, then 2 the week after as the finale.
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  8. Thanks @baxterclan! I feared it may be on break til new year like a lot of US shows at the moment... or worse, thought that may have been a really unsatisfying finale episode.
  9. I really loved the first season of it. It was light and breezy and silly but still felt somewhat grounded in reality. I liked that they didn't have huge drama just for the sake of it. For example I loved the scene where she was about to fight with Hilary Duff, but Hilary accepted that she was wrong, just like that. You almost never see that on TV.
    Also I loved how it ended, with her and Josh being ready to get to know each other all over again.

    The second season had a very noticeable shift in terms of feeling and storytelling. The moment that guy got killed before he could spill her secret... that was just unforgivable. Such bad writing. Ever since then, I like the show, but I don't love it anymore. It's also getting a bit tedious how her secret - which is getting boring - still isn't out.
  10. I kind of am over Josh and wouldn't care if they write him out. He's lost his appeal for me so she can just go for the zaddy CEO as her end game.
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  11. I'm still enjoying it a lot, but I wish they'd reveal the secret earlier. Like when Thad died or at the hospital earlier in series three. I'd like to see the show exploring how things change for Liza, rebuilding the new friendships and career after the secret's out, etc. Right now, while I like it, the focus has shifted onto things that aren't especially unique to the series but I suppose it's important to establish different stories if they want to extend it's shelf life.

    I liked the slower pace of the last episode, it was a nice change compared to the dramatic nature of the series so far. And, I thought the slow motion end scene of the episode before was funny - great bait and switch.
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  12. I love this basic trash.

    (I've still not watched any of season 3 yet so I tried to scroll away as soon as reading something new)
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  13. The finale was great! This is still just such a nice, comfy show to have around. I look forward to it all week.
  14. I really enjoyed both episodes of the finale. FINALLY some developments on both the romance front and the 'age secret' front.
    Dying to see how Kelsey deals with the news, and how it changes their dynamic next season.
    This is one of the only shows ever where I'm actually rooting for both sides of the love triangle, and am honestly stressed/brokenhearted whenever something happens to sabotage things for the other guy. I really commend the writers (and the two actors) for making that happen. It remains one of the breeziest, most fun shows on TV and I can't wait for it to return.
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  15. YES that finale was everything. I am so excited for the next season. What a satisfying cliffhanger too.
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  16. I have only finished the season now, and I'm really happy with where the story is going. The show is still as fun as always, but now this situation with Liza trying to earn her own redemption is just good character development. I like how the small plots through the season seemed like filler, but they were actually driving the characters to the cliffhanger at the end.

    And I have to say that Maggie is one of my favourite female characters currently on TV. It's great to see an open minded character who also shares the most mature friendships in the show.
  17. Can they put this on Netflix UK please.
  18. Aw yes! June isn't really too far away, can't wait and glad it's renewed for a fifth season already.
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  19. It's really become TV Land's flagship series, so I'm happy they're willing to invest in it.
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