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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. This season has been a little limp for me, I won't lie.
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    It's the first one I'm non-binging which always adds a feeling of 'is this all we're getting this week?' but yeah thusfar it's just 'pleasant'.
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  3. I'm enjoying it as much as ever, and I'm happy they're exploring plotlines outside of the love triangle.
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  4. Last night's episode was pretty great. The season is going to some interesting places and most of the characters have something interesting going on. I thought I couldn't bear having Liza and Josh breaking up, but them being close friends in the future feels very fitting and realistic.

    Maggie's story with the mustache lady was funny, but it felt out of place considering her identity is based on being the most open-minded character of the show. I hope at least they don't leave it like this and develop it further in a future episode.

    Also, this is an interesting article:
    How 'Younger' Is Capturing Sexual Fluidity on TV
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  5. Maggie is so criminally underused in the show. She's just kind of... there. I wish she had some sort of long arc developed for her character.
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  6. Wow, that scene between Charles and Liza has me gagging for the next episode!
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    This is actually getting really good again. Can't wait for next week.
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  8. Oh to be that towel and tub of yogurt.
  9. The preview for the finale looks like there'll be a lot of drama.

    Josh probably marrying the Irish girl?
  10. Agree on both fronts.

    I'm a bit annoyed at how much focus this season has given to Josh. He's not a character deserving of major solo subplots if you ask me. If he's not revolving around Liza or Kelsey, he shouldn't be there. Especially when poor Maggie is still being wasted. That said, I'm so happy with how much they've been doing with Diana; she's had a great arc this season.
  11. I thought they'd slowly phase him out, instead he's become a main character with boring plotlines of his own!
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  12. This season has sadly been kind of terrible in my opinion. It's been so Josh and love interests heavy (why does Kelsey continue to date the absolute worst guys?) that I feel like we've barely had any real meaty storylines at the Empirical offices this season. I guess the show was bound to run out of steam eventually considering they couldn't keep doing the same "Liza almost gets caught by someone she knows! Liza accidentally reveals her real age to someone while drugged!" type storylines as the show is getting older, but they could have mined the Kelsey/Liza rift for a lot more drama throughout the season than they did. That was a storyline in which the personal and the professional really overlapped and that's generally the space I feel the show thrives in. I couldn't really care less about Josh's Irish rebound or Josh's crazy art stealing rebound or Marcel from The Originals or Jon Hamm's ex-wife. The one good relationship this season developed was the Liza/Jay one. He was probably too boring for her in the long run, but I liked that for once she had a relationship with someone she didn't have to lie to and wasn't judged by either.
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  13. Those were my exact thoughts at the end of the last episode. Great development for her.

    I for one have really liked this season even when the first few episodes really put me off.
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  14. I'm so glad I gave this up.
  15. Her vocal pattern is SO strange and distracting to me.
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  16. Instead of doing Younger, she should release a single and give the Whispering Chanteuse Selena a run for her money.
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  17. Unexpected they actually went to Ireland to film the finale. TV Land must be really happy with the show.

    Overall, pretty great season, and the seeds for the next one are good too. They have managed to keep the show a must-see even when they are not dealing with the age storyline directly.
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  18. I've had some frustrations this season - nothing major, but it's the first time they've sprung up. I certainly still enjoyed it overall, but it was the weakest season thus far for me.
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  19. pdf


    Hilariously, the actress who plays Irish Clare is the real life daughter of Corrie's Sally Webster.
  20. Y'all will not disrespect Jessica Stein like this!

    Yeah, this season was basic. I don't care about Josh at all and I thought Liza got over him. And it seems like Charles and Liza are both ready this time so what's the issue? I'm glad Diana broke up with that creep and his weird son. The Lauren plot where she was homeless was weird. I'm surprised Josh and Kelsey were a case of manipulative trailers.
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