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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Apr 4, 2015.

  1. Is the actress who played Clare actually Irish? Her accent was throwing me off so much throughout the series. It sounded like someone putting it on.
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  2. Season 4 got the shows best ratings. So it continues to grow. I wish it had a better UK channel for it to air on.
  3. After all the Sutton love, I decided to check out the first episode of Bunheads and loved it. Kii at me suddenly picking up on a 5-year-old show.
  4. I adored Bunheads! Still miffed about its cancellation.
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  5. She's from Manchester apparently. Why they couldn't just make her a Mancunian I do not know.
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  7. Delighted with the renewal news, can never get enough of this show!
  8. It really is one of my favourite shows, can't wait for it to come back.
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  10. I still need to stream season 4.
  11. This either needs put on UK Netflix or the likes of ITV2 or E4. Especially since both love to show series with a few seasons in the can.
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  12. The general plotline for the season seems very interesting, even if the premiere itself wasn't a great episode.
  13. Totally agree, I recommend it to all my friends but there's literally no where for them to watch it if you can't be arsed illegally streaming it. It's perfect for a binge watch.

    Just watched the first 2 eps of s5, the first was a bit naff but the second wasn't too bad, I'm not sure how much longer they can drag it out for.
  14. Yeah I definitely don’t know how they can drag it out for the rest of this season AND season 6 (and who knows, maybe even beyond? I certainly didn’t see it going beyond a S4 yet here we are).

    I mean, who’s left in the show that doesn’t know? Diana and Lauren? I... can’t see it really impacting either of them that much.

    Anyway, it’s still a deliciously entertaining show and tbh I wouldn’t even mind if it continued for 4 or 5 more seasons where it just focused on Imperial/Millenial shenanigans coupled with some love triangle drama and the usual laugh out loud comedy.
  15. Well it was renewed for Season 6 already.

    Hilary Duff also announced her pregnancy recently. Wonder if they will include that in the show.
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  16. Scream at them already writing out Irish Clare.

    The show is such a mess but I love it.
  17. I really don't have the patience to deal with Josh anymore and the whole drama between him and Liza, for some reason it seems rather obvious to me that Liza will end up with Charles.

    And I need another strong plot to cover this season and the upcoming one.
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  18. So...

    Charles found out last week, and Liza now knows that Charles knows after a confrontation out of work... it'll be interesting to see how the relationships change going forward, and what the show is like now pretty much all the important characters know the secret.

    I expect Liza will have to decide between Charles and Josh again at the end of the season, too. Josh has hinted at Liza being his "one" and I'm sure Charles will come round by the end of the season.
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  19. I am addicted to this show.
    The plot is a bit repetitive but it takes me back to my NY trip a few years back and every time it makes me wanna come back there.
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  20. I'm a bit checked out now, the first 3 seasons I was addicted and it was appointment viewing. Also everyone on show was excited about it, but now it just feels that its a just going though the motions.
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