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Genuinely amazed at how mine turned out!


AllenCovert (I took the space out for artistic reasons, ALLCAPSLOCKARTPOP~) are a male duo who will release this debut album, "Other Guy's Point of View" this spring. Their blend of intricate dance sounds - hailed from inspirations such as Delphic and Zedd - and dark, haunting melodies have taken the pop world by storm. An eclectic album of chilled out anthems to pumped up thumpers, the album has been nominated for the Mercury Prize.

(This is far more fun than it should be...)


That cover is fantastic Andrew!

Lolland's debut is not exactly a land of 'LOL''s. It's full of dark lyrics disguised under a poppy production, think The Cardigans' cover of "Sunday Bloody Sunday". The lead single "Can Please When Too Long" received critical acclaim but it was "We Get to Sleep In" that gave them their UK Top 40 hit.

Coming soon is Lolland's follow-up EP "The Great Hill-Climber". Veering into a more 'emo' direction, it's a concept record based on a true story.


1. An Underestimate of Average Intelligence
2. There Will Be a Fish
3. A Concentrated Sense of Life
4. Control Your Own Destiny
5. And Be Quite Insane

Sangole are an indie Pop band with Indian influences The Opposite Comes To Mind is their critically acclaimed debut with reviewers calling it innovative, revolutionary and the album of the century.


1. The Opposite Comes To Mind
2. Fulfill His Destiny
3. Only Abandoned
4. Gossip About Them
5. Missiles and Misguided Men
6. But Can Somehow Guess Is There
7. Come To Your Aid
8. All Over Much Too Soon
9. I Will Be Heard
10. I Consider You Necessarily Wise Because You Are Grave


After the lukewarm reception of "The Great Hill-Climber", Lolland's second album was scrapped and the band went on an indefinite hiatus.

The keyboardist Polytelis Swansonii, Marina Diamandis' cousin, released a solo album as Superb Parrot.



"Raise Your Price", the edgy electro-rock lead single went top twenty in the UK. The European follow-up "Life That Much Sweeter" (which sounds like Jason Mraz would if he turned to synth pop) topped the charts on the entire continent. Meanwhile, the UK received a remix of "Life I'm Supposedly Leading" featuring Marina & the Diamonds, which debuted at #39 and dropped off the charts the following week.

It is a devastating album based on Qaleh-ye's heartbreaking realization that he is a bear and, unlike the birds he sees every day, can't fly very high.
Ladies, gents and peeps, welcome Laughing Cows Comedy. They're the new Lifehouse. Commercial, navel-gazing alt.rock you can trust. Available for all angsty romantic scenes in wannabe faux-indie dramas:

Undaunted by US radio's threatened boycott, Laughing Cows Comedy unleash the 1st single from their debut album, "Damned If You Don't". Religious groups apparently barricaded the band inside a local radio station, owing to the song's title and lyrical subject matter.Some overseas territories have taken to airbrushing the sleeve, and giving the young lady a fetching pair of trousers.


The track's B-side is, naturally, "Damned If You Do".


I swear I'm gonna buy that Lolland album even if I don't know any song from it. Just simply an amazing cover.

Following the surprise success of their tweemo debut, the puppydog revenge tale 'You Must Kill Him', Trudovo began to feel the pressure to follow it up. A planned sequel about a miffed kitty was scrapped amid a feeling of creative bankruptcy within the band. Angry with the expectations placed upon them, Trudovo rebelled, recording an angstier follow-up with a caustic, computerised sound that knowingly avoided all the things that endeared them to the public. Knowingly titled 'Security is a Kind of Death', the record is the definition of 'difficult second album'.

I miss the old Trudovo.
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Sangole followed their award winning debut The Opposite Comes To Mind with their second album No Substitute For Action the lead single Etched In My Mind continued the success of the first album hipsters everywhere loved it. They slowed things down with experimental second single Requires A Computer which received a lukewarm reaction from musos across the globe. The title track picked things right up again and is a staple at many a Indie Disco but the album didn't go down well with reviewers calling it "too mainstream" and accusing the band of "selling out". It still sold millions but not in the extremes as their 6x platinum debut but still enough to keep the label happy.



I actually want to start writing some songs now as I love this.

Then again, everyone else's contributions have been flawless and amazing also.
It's always fun to do this again.


Get ready to bow down to Mind Hacks, this year's hot new indie-electro-with-pop-sensibilities act! Their first album - How Better to Exist - already has critics salivating ahead of its April release and is expected to be an instant hit with lovers of the genre! The first single, He's a Plastic Surgeon, has been busy drumming up buzz amongst the general public too, with it reaching Number Thirty-Seven in the charts after release last week, with its position expected to rise as the song is implemented into a new car advertisement rolling out to Britain's television screens over the coming week. The track has been described as "quite out there actually" by the band's lead singer and primary songwriter David Antonescu, who expressed his surprise at the instant chart success of He's a Plastic Surgeon, stating that he "didn't expect the public to catch onto something so edgy". Us neither, David!