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YOUR fantasy album

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Dan Molloy, Sep 20, 2021.

  1. Let's say you were going to release your own album.

    What would it's name be, what kind of songs/genres would you sing?

    If you were gonna do covers which would you pick?

    What would your artwork be like etc?

    Plan it all out, let's hear them!
  2. I thought about what kind of pop album I'd love to hear and what it would sound
    like if I got to hear pop crafted in a unique way that I've never heard before.


    So it would be a pop artist that sings about space and science instead of 99%
    about relationships and have clever and catchy lyrics that actually teach some
    things about the universe, sugar coated and wrapped in a glittery dance pop
    format with some really great melodies and cool bass lines! The female vocalist
    would have a cute voice, sing in a higher register, soprano range and have some
    vocal effects thrown into the music that wouldn't be overbearing but just help
    to elevate the music and keep you captivated. The album would be fully packed
    with bangers and no filler, maybe one slower ballad or mid-tempo song. The albums
    artwork would show the singer in a magical, illuminating pose, looking up at
    the night sky stars with her face glowing in the dark, surrounded by exotic plants
    and candle lights and a shimmering dark color blend over the horizon.

    The music label would be a new one that nobody has ever heard of before.
    That you are free to come up with on your own! Okay so I don't know many
    space themed pop songs but I can think of one that kinda fits my theme that I enjoy
    by the amazing Amy Diamond, just to give you an example..

    Great thread idea @Dan Molloy !
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  3. LOVE this
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