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Your Favourite Demos?

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by bonnieetclyde, Feb 26, 2021.

  1. PJ Harvey has been releasing the demos of all her albums recently. I love listening to early versions of songs and artists demos.

    We’ve probably all heard Madonna’s Ray of Light demos.

    What are some of your all-time favourite demos?
  2. This sounds so much better in it's original 'folky-pop' incarnation

  3. Avicii Heart.
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  4. I'm not sure if this is a demo but it's leaked and its absolutely glorious:

  5. Kate's got some gems -

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  6. I still wish the 1989 SAW album hadn't been scrapped. That massive in pop terms 4 year gap between studio albums did them no favours, especially with new girl Jacquie trying to establish herself in the lineup, when they should have struck while the iron was hot after the Greatest Hits Collection.
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  7. Shame it's in such poor quality, but this really is my holy grail of unreleased Kylie songs.
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  8. This was the song that started my curiosity of demos and unreleased tracks.

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  9. Speaking of Kylie unreleased/leaked songs, these are some of my favourites

    What an album X could have been... I do like it a lot but it really could have been her best 00s album had they included these and the Wow! B-sides.

    In terms of my holy grail though, that would have to be the mythical Full Vocal Demo of Do You Dare.
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  10. Kylie perfection here.
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  11. There's something in this version that is missing from the album version on Meds that I absolutely adore, Brian Molko's vocal delivery is just so much better as well and reminiscent of the Black Market Music era, which, I'm pretty sure this demo originated from, to then be re-recorded 6 years later.
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