Your favourite Eurovision flops.

I'm currently digging Javine's 'Touch My Fire', which was UK's 2005 entry. A classy performance was given with a decent choreography, the only grey dot being that ass note at the end of it. Sadly, it didn't even scratch Eurovision's Top 20 on the night of the show and it was VASTLY superior to most of the entries that particular year.
I'm not currently listening to former entries. Quite busy with 2011 still. A flop from this year that I'm still listening to is Norway - Haba haba.

Otherwise I'd say that Jemini's 'Cry Baby' UK entry from 2003 - should you have forgotten it - is one of my all time favorite flops. Love that song. But I have to say it was a deserving last place, though not a deserving nill point act on the night.

2002 produced a huge flop for Denmark. One great song, but one scared performer. Malene - Tell Me Who You Are.
Jemini were a bit off key on the night of the show, but they weren't, and I speak boldly here, the worst act of the night, by a wide margin. I'd have put them in the Top 10!
Evridiki's performance was a bit off, I think, but it was a bit of a shock not seeing her qualify to the final. She was THE favourite and most hyped act of that particular year.

One of my personal favourites, to continue with the thread:

Switzerland 2008 - Paolo Meneguzzi // Era Stupendo.


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I adored Paolo Meneguzzi's song, but his live performance let him down big time.

Should have done soooo much better had he been able to live up to the studio version!
Since Katie Price was included, I assume we can include national finalists.

An all time favorite (both bizarre and wonderful) is "The Wiggle Wiggle Song" by Haffi Haff from Iceland 2008. I can't copy the URL of the video on my reader, but I know it is on YouTube.
And what about Spain's 2009 entry? Soraya's 'La Noche Es Para Mi'. A massive track that severely underperformed for unknown reasons and, in my opinion, deserved to win. Soraya was a bit lost with the cameras at the start of the showcasing, but at the end managed to save it from being derailed by a GORGEOUS closeup of her face in the bridge of the song.
Oh my - how I quickly forget...

Belgium 2006: Kate Ryan - 'Je T'Adore'

<a href=""> Her first live performance </a> is still the best. She looked a bit nervous, but that little tap on the shoulder by the male dancer as she goes into the second verse sorts her out.

They should have stuck with this formula, instead of the variable volume mobile mikes and the over-powering Swedish 'choir'.
Surely Kate Ryan has to be the biggest Eurovision flop ever? Such an incredible song. I have the title tattoo'd on my arm - not even joking. I love it that much!

inoculatte said:
Finland 2009: Waldo's People - 'Lose Control'

<a href="">Amazing video</a>... but <a href=""> didn't really work live </a>(Shouty Woman mostly to blame).

Agreed! Adore that song, should have done so much better, but it was an incredibly tough year, and bizzarely dance numbers almost always fail.
I love Kate Ryan's "Je t'adore"!

Still can't believe this year's "Rockerfella Street" coming so low. And I had a soft spot for "Boom Boom" which didn't even get to the final!