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Your favourite Eurovision flops.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Now, this is my kind of thread!! My favourite flops include:

    Suntribe - Let's Get Loud
    Sandra Oxenryd - Through My Window
    Waldos People - Loose Control
    Susanna Georgi - Get A Life
    Rebeka Dremelj - Vrag naj vzame
    Tereza Kerndlová - Have Some Fun
  2. How did I forget that one? I don't understand how that failed to qualify even if the live singing was a bit ropey and there were about 5 other amazing uptempos that year.

    And while we are on that subject, the French 2008 entry. Amazing song ruined by an utterly terrible, nonsensical live performance.
  3. OMG!! I am SO with you on this!! I got drunk with Joanna at the official Welcome Party for the artists and invited delegations at the Serbian palace. A few nights later at one of the parties she performed a CORONA MEGAMIX as part of her act!! My mate spent most of her performance sticking a camera up her skirt as she grinded in front of us, An amazing woman.
  4. Surprised nobody has mentioned my favourite Eurovision flop..well, not really a flop, maybe a 'why in all that is holy did it not get into the Eurovision finals and how in the bloody heckery did it come last in its national finals': Vanilla Ninja's Club Kung Fu.

    It won the Estonian public's vote (obviously, as its bloody marvellous) way back in 2003 but the idiotic juries placed it last, which is why I still hate Michael Ball to this day.

    Yes, Cool Vibes is very very good, but its not a patch on this.
  5. many!

    Euroband - This is My Life - possibly my favourite EV song EVER!
    Charlotte Perelli - Hero
    Morena (?) - Vodka
    Chiara - What if We
    Waldo's People - Lose Control
    Hadise - Your Heart Belongs to Me
    No Angels - Disappear
    Bulgarian guy from 2010 - Angel Si Ti
    Bulgarian group from 2008/9ish - DJ Take Me Away
  6. I have the feeling that "Let Your Heart Be Mine" by Jenny Berggren, from this year's Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, is going to be in my top songs of 2011 list. It's just.... sublime. And when you think about the fact that the men from the CRAY-SEA CRAY-SEA WORLD beat it out... it makes things even worse.
  7. I am aaaaaall about 25 Hours A Day from that line up. But I do really like cray-sea too. And Jenny, obv.
  8. That would have been my other choice! It's a shame Le Freak's album is such a pile of dreck, though.
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  10. Oh my, I do feel ashamed! It's a great song, I loved it.

    But I do not get the hype about Le Freak and 25 hours a day... Sorry guys. Not good at all. On the other hand Stine Kinck was robbed.

    Don't remember Jenny B. Other than the song seemed to be a mess...
  11. What about the delicious Charlote Perrelli's 'Hero'? Which didn't even manage to qualify to the Final thanks to its own merits. --sad face--
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  12. Here are the songs that failed to make the final over recent years that were among my faves for that year:
    2011 Daria (Croatia) Twiins (Slovakia)
    2010 Miro (Bulgaria) Kristina (Slovakia)
    2009 Lovebugs (Switzerland)
    2008 Paolo Meneguzzi (Switzerland) Rebeka Dremelj (Slovenia)
    2007 Anonymous (Andorra) DJ Bobo (Switzerland)
    2006 Jenny (Andorra) Kate Ryan (Belgium) Sandra Oxenryd (Estonia)
    2005 Suntribe (Estonia) Laura & the Lovers (Lithuania)

    Switzerland were robbed 3 years running!
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  14. Totally love loads of songs on this list, and agree about Switzerland (I'd even go so far as to say they were robbed four years running, but I know I'm on a very lonely limb with the 2010 love).

    However, surprised at your 2011 picks. I like the Twiins' song on the CD, but I found it tortuous and hellishly long when performed live. And I could never get past how Daria sang "Salabrate".
  15. I really like the Daria song this year, more so on the CD. My problem was with the creepy Noel Fielding look-a-like that was on stage with her, added nothing to it.

    She deserved a spot in the final for the costume changes alone.

    And I whole-heartidly agree with you Kamikaze Heart - Selma was amazing and was totally robbed that year. Much as I love Je T'adore am always slightly annoyed that when a popular song fails to make the final it's termed 'doing a Kate Ryan' Selma was robbed in the same savage way a whole 12 months before that!

    One of my favourite Eurovision flops has to be Denmark 2004 - Shame on You by Thomas Thordason. Again much better on the CD than in performance (roller skates?!?!) but still deserved to go through in my opinion.

    When talking NF am always a bit miffed that Deuce never made it to Eurovision for the UK in 1995, or Sister Sway for the UK in 1999.

  16. I loved Emmy's "Boom Boom" and Aurela Gaçe's "Feel the Passion" this year!
  17. I like some of the ones mentioned already including "Hero" Charlotte Pirelli, "I Do" Fabrizio Faniello and "Horehronie" Kristina

    but I always think of Norway's 1990 entry, I thought it could win and it came 21st!
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  19. The Swiss did good picking those songs, never understood why - year after year - they were witheld a spot in the final. "Highest Heights" and "Era Stupendo" were grand songs. Was it the performance? Beats me. And what ever did they do to deserve a last place this year with such a tender song? No matter how much I love the ESC, results at Eurovision are often far beyond any reason.
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