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Your favourite Eurovision flops.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. 82 onwards were vintage for UK entries - I still enjoy listening to Brado's One Step Further, Sweet Dreams' I'm Never Giving Up, Belle and the Devotions' Love Games and Vikki's Love Is. I had the vinyl of all 4 and would probably admit to all 4 being in my top 100 most played singles!
  2. Bardo even....sorry, it's very early!
  3. [video=youtube;fk5i7Hfyy3o][/video]

    Pastora who? Sabina what?
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  4. Charley

    Charley Staff Member

    We almost sent this little europop/dance gem instead that year!

    Sadly the controversy surrounding the vocal effects used for her live performances did her in.
  5. And NOT because of the blatant sample from "Get Ready For This" at the beginning?!
  6. There's a digital Bardo Collection coming shortly with all their A's and B's transferred and remastered from the original tapes, plus a few surprises.
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  8. duckface

    duckface Guest

    I suppose La La Love belongs here now.
  9. HOWWWWW DARE YOU / yeah I guess so.
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  10. [video=youtube;LW7TAdytfww][/video]

    This definitely belongs in here. When I first saw this during the semi-final I thought it was strange. But after a few listens, I love it. I'm thinking they should have entered with the English version, as it would have made the good vs evil theme clearer. The magical girl anime costumes they wore during the semis were also great.
  11. In that case so does Hera Bjork's "Je Ne Sais Quoi", possibly my all-time favourite Eurovision track and it only finished 19th.
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  12. Era Stupendo was fantastic. Switzerland were robbed that year.
  13. [video=youtube;3rMRjridFH0][/video]

    Classic. Back then I thought we had a chance of making the finals with this.
  14. I'm going to be a broken record, but they should never have changed the chorus to the version they did in the final. How this didn't qualify and dross like Lithuania's entry did, I do not know.
  15. Yes to Vodka! Great song + amazing cheesy video!

    I haven't read the whole thread but these are my two favourite flops of late:
  16. How did they change the chorus? Do you have an example please! I haven't heard it.

    I thought they looked and sounded ridiculous when I saw the semi live, so I think others must have felt the way I did. But the song is really great. The just presented it badly.

    I can't agree with the English version though. No good. The should have toned the story of good and evil down in the stage show instead.
  17. [video][/video]
    Other than her weak singing on the night, I really like the song and staging.
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