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Your favourite Eurovision flops.

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by Txetxu, Jun 12, 2011.

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  3. These are my favourite didn't qualifys this year:

    Adelén - Bombo (best not to watch the actual live version)

    Sirkus Eliassen - I love You Te Quiero

    I think Norway had three very strong contenders in those and Margaret Berger this year.
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    Sometimes I wish there was a rule that required AMAZING runner-ups to represent other countries who had made zero effort.

    Although watching Swedish Housewives representing Bulgaria may have been a tad ridiculous.
  5. [video=youtube;z891H3ulsVg][/video]
  6. This one basically sums up 2003 for me, loved the song from the first time watching the supergay video for it, pink all the way! Was certain it would do a top 10 for Slovenia, until I saw the performance, and the costume for it! How horrifying! Poor Miss Stavec!

    Still a cute bop though.
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