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Your favourite retro music video gifs

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by ohnoitisnathan, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Am we allowed to have such a thread in this subforum? I figured it wouldn't get the same attention in another subforum and/or would be filled with gifs for more-recent (as in, this millennium) gifs.

    If not... forgive me x

    Here's some of mine:

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  2. The popcorn gif is well known, but here's a longer version of it I made (before I figured out cropping):

  3. Not really a music video gif.

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  4. Close the thread!
  5. I have no idea how to create or post gifs but I know someone will HAVE to post one from Dame Liza's Don't Drop Bombs video.

    You know it's coming...
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  6. I used to make each of the gifs I've embedded here.

    Though I use a DVD editing program to first trim the video to the precise frames I want to use.

    I don't actually have that Liza clip in my collection, but if I can download it from YouTube or similar site (I think it was blocked there when I last checked), I could make gifs from it.
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  7. Here's a substitute Liza gif @torontodj in the interim:


    Though I suspect somebody has probably made a gif of it before.
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  8. [​IMG]
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  9. I love this thread!

    And thanks @ohnoitisnathan. That Liza gif is fabulous.
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  10. This one's a bit bigger... made before I learnt how to compress.

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