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Your Favourite Song Contest Discoveries of 2022 (so far)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by berserkboi, May 23, 2022.

  1. Hello my fellow Song Contest addicts!

    I thought since we are almost at mid-year - this thread would be a good place to feature the favourite Song Contest discoveries we have made so far by users of our choosing!

    The best @Maki for me so far is:

    Best @chanex

    (I even listen to the other (longer) version on YouTube! Ddd

    Best @TéléDex

    Best of @Disco Blister

    Best of @soratami

    Note: this is only up to rounds that have been completed! For all I know - the current rounds may actually change my thoughts here, but they aren't officially done!

    Feel free to go everyone! <3
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  2. My two favorite discoveries of the contest so far can't be revealed till later this month.
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  4. @Jeffo sent this and it's just the kind of thing I want yo find.

    But on a less selfish note @swim shared a superstar moment with us:
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  5. I've been obsessed with @Zar-Unity's recent PJSC winner lately. I also finally listened to the album today which has more lush ~~dreamy~~ gems on it. I gave it an 8 at the time and now I'm thinking it deserved a 12 or a 10 at least.

    I should probably wait until after this month's PJSC and PJXtra reveals before posting more but I also might not.
  6. I love this! I'm glad this song and artist affected you in such a good way! Yeah their new album
    is full on dreamy throughout! It is great for the dreamy bops, you know?

    I love this thread, this borrows on a idea I had last month but haven't acted on yet..anyway
    I know that I definitely would have a few special new artist discoveries to mention for this
    year so far! Wait do you mean new artist discoveries made in this year but the artists
    starting their careers and releasing songs could be from any year, or they have to be from 2022??

    Well for an older artist, "Melody's Echo Chamber" is a new artist re-discovery for me
    from PJSC 113! Thanks to @Maki !

    Also Cannons is of course one for me for a newer artist!
  7. One of those wasn't Berserky @If You Go!! *cries*

    Hopefully the PJXtra one will be ddd
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  8. We'll see!!

    Anyhow yes, High-Speed Kissing was my favorite PJSC discovery so far

    Been playing my 10-pointer from the round a lot too:

    So catchy!

    Thank you @saviodxl and @CorgiCorgiCorgi for these discoveries!
  9. Glad you liked it! Thanks for the 12!

    I'll come up with some of my favorite discoveries #soon
  10. As promised more favorites:
    Amazing, thanks @WoW73!

    Also this is super cool and getting lots of play too, thanks @Maki

    Parts of the song sound kind of like ATC's All Around The World but slowed down.
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  11. I- you're right. This is my @Maki pick as well.
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  12. I was listening to a playlist today that includes many of my PJSC discoveries and I've suddenly become obsessed with Metric's Now or Never again. There's no big chorus or anything but something about it just grabs me the whole way through. Thanks @If You Go!

  13. I’ve been meaning to post this update for my favourite of @Disco Blister this year!

    Also my pick to win this year’s rumble! Talent only!! <33
  14. [​IMG]

    This makes me so glad, thank you dear!
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