Your Favourite Sophomore Albums (that eclipsed their debut)?

Everyone loves a debut but what about when your favourite artist or group has to follow up with their 2nd record.

What are some of your favourite sophomore albums that eclipsed their debut..?
Rachel Stevens is the obvious winner here! And yes, also TLC.

I can see why people would bring up Siobhan Donaghy, but I don’t think Ghosts totally eclipsed Revolution In Me. It’s more accessible, but not necessarily the superior album.

It’s inevitable that people are going to say Lorde (I’m surprised no one has mentioned her yet!), but I personally prefer Pure Heroine.


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Writings on the Wall
Future Nostalgia
Feels So Good
It’s Not Me, It’s You
Free Me
Stacie Orrico
Thank You (Jamelia)
Come and Get It
State of Mind
Walk of Life
Back to Black