Your first and last CD single

First: The Corrs - What Can I Do
Last bought in a bricks and mortar shop: JLS - Do you feel what I feel?
Last catalogue single bought online: Steps - Better best forgotten promo
Last new single bought online: The Saturdays - 30 Days (signed)
My first: Las Ketchup - The Ketchup Song
Bought in shops: Delta Goodrem - I Can't Break It To My Heart
Ordered online: Namie Amuro - NAKED/Fight Together/Tempest
Pre-ordered online: Delta Goodrem - Sitting On Top of the World
I've never physically went into a shop and bought a CD single so mine are online/eBay:

First: Hot n Cold - Katy Perry
Last: The One That Got Away/Peacock - Katy Perry (Simultaneously)

Hmm, this gives a bad impression of my music taste. It's just a coincidence the first and last are the same person! I'm currently looking for Last Friday Night and Part of Me.
First Cassette Single: Spice Girls - 2 Become 1
Last Cassette Single: Atomic Kitten - I Want Your Love (a few weeks back)

First CD single: Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers - Go Go Power Rangers
Last CD Single: Nicola Roberts - Beat Of My Drum
1st: Pet Shop Boys - Jealousy
Last: Roisin Murphy - Let Me Know

I don't even download singles now ... I only bother with albums or EP's ...
The first CD single I ever bought was "Too Much" by Spice Girls, as I didn't have a CD player until late 1997. The last single I bought in a shop was "Lightning" by The Wanted, but I bought "My Heart Takes Over" by The Saturdays online more recently.
First CD single... I'm not entirely sure. Just stared at my collection for a minute trying to rack my brain, the earliest I can see is Michael Jackson 'You are not alone'. 1995 was the year I converted from cassettes to CD cos I started buying all of Mariah's and Eternal's singles on CD - they were my childhood obsessions.

Last CD Single - Got an import of Adam Lambert 'Better than I know myself' - first single I've bought in over a year.
First: East 17 - Let It Rain
Last: Six-D - Best Damn Night
- though I do still have a look at the back of HMV every time I go in there on the off chance somebody good has released one because I do get the tiniest buzz out of buying a CD single from a shop. All they have at the moment is Marcus Collins, Plan B, One Direction and JLS.
First: Prince Alphabet St - 3 inch in clear stickered plastic case - has seen plenty of action.

Last: Madonna Give Me All Your Luvin' - remains unplayed... probably never will feel the warmth of the laser.

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First: Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine - Anything For You [1988]
Last: Plan B - Ill Manors [Dispatched this monring!]

The CD is my favourite format.
I wish I'd bought Alphabet St. as a single! Assuming it had the edit, that is. Years of the whole damn LP version, argh..haha.
My first was This Is It by Dannii Minogue in 1993 and the last (I think) was All The Lovers by Kylie, so from one Minogue to another!

I still miss the weekly Monday trip to HMV to pick up the new releases, often impulse buying based on the record label or a particular remixer, and the glory days of the mid to late 90s when you got 7 or 8 remixes.


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I'm not sure, but I think my first single might have been the Macarena.

My most recent online purchases have been the One Direction singles and Little Mix's Cannonball.

Barely any singles still get released physically in Belgium anymore. When available I do try to get a copy of singles by Belgian pop artists when either there's a chance they'll never get round to releasing an album, like Wonderful by Iris before she was announced to do Eurovision, or when they're a big "moment" release if that makes sense, like the debut single by Flemish The Voice winner Glenn Claes which also is the most recent single I've bought.

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I too miss the Monday morning new release dash! Leaving with armfuls of singles... Does anyone recall Our Prices 90s singles offer? You got a CD wallet with a lemon on the front and you collected your receipts and when you bought 5, you got a 6th free. I was getting a free one most weeks... I remember one was Dannii's 'All I Wanna Do'. I literally used to astound the guys behind the counter with my pile each week.


Ha, yes, the nearest record shop to my office was Our Price, and I was the same, building up enough purchases to get free ones most weeks. Oh lord, the days of singles being £1.99 and stuffed to 39:57 of remixes.

Same as Call It Love, I'd buy things I hadn't really heard of because a particular remixer had been involved or it was on a certain label. "Rollo remix! Sold!"