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Your Album Collages!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Andy French, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. October '21

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  2. October 2021
  3. October 2021

  4. aux


    October 2021

  5. I waited too long to do this for October! dddd Still Over It was on REPEAT all weekend. I wish the collage generator would allow you to specify exact dates.
    if you see S*x*rc*sm no you didn't dskjskdfsdfa
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  6. This site allows you to do custom date ranges. Also if you don't remove the 's' in https in imgur links it doesn't always show properly.
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  7. November 2021:

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  8. November 2021

    collage (1).jpg
  9. November:

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  10. November 2021
  11. November 2021

    I expect the Christmas albums to fully invade my Top 25 next month but Kelly, Tori and Celine got an early look in!
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  12. November 2021

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  13. November

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  14. November 2021

    “I can't heal what's broken
    Can't control the morning rain or a hurricane
    Can't keep down the unspoken invisible pain
    Always waiting on a miracle, a miracle”

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  15. November 2021
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  16. Hey sis, what’s the one with the anime cover next to Charli? Just got curious!
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  17. 1987 Weather Guide by 天気予報 (Asutenki) - it's an enormous vaporwave album (literally, 30 tracks) and it bops
  18. Listening to this on Bandcamp now. I may have to buy it.
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