Your Album Collages!



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So I finally started doing some editing to my entries (making sure songs with featurings are part of their parent albums, grouping compilation tracks and (though this does still feel a bit trivial) adding pre-album-single scrobbles to their parent album (unless the single version's different).

And well, it made for quite the reshuffle:
Before: (though a few months ago)

Now: (Hi very familiar looking pop compilation!)


I don't think my short obsession with The Glee Project and the fact those show here as albums will ever not bug me.


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March 2022.
New entries for Miley, Aly & AJ and yes, all the ladies in the room: Ariana Debose!
As per usual the 'older' releases have just been played once in full (or less)
The 2 NOW's represent a whole bunch of them (played one a day each day, but after the 2 I could just not be bothered to fix each individual scrobble). &Juliet & High School Musical would have been on here for months if I fixed them before so at least glad those are finally treated as 'albums' now.