Your Album Collages!

Holy Road is so underrated.
Yes! I got it out of a discount bin in the early 00s & played it all the time.

I submitted 'Dusty Turnaround' in the recent PJ00s because it had been on my potentials list forever. It flopped, expectedly, but I was just happy to share her with some people who may not have known her.

May zozi 2023


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Oh, right, it's that time again! (thanks for reminding me @Robert !)


It's very much a year of beige and faint colors isn't it?
Slightly hate how Mutya, Martine & Jennifer are there because I played the albums once or twice for a review, but on the same day. Don't seem to quite belong there between albums I played all through the month. But oh well, at least there's finally some action and new titles here!

First half of 2023: