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Your Weekly Album Collages!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Andy French, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Bopvember:

    Top Tracks
    1. Evergreen, Yebba
    2. Happy For Me, Bridget Kellly
    3. Stranger, DIJON
    4. I Know, Aly & AJ
    5. OG Heartthrob, Majid Jordan
    6. cycles, Tove Lo
    7. Dirt, Mila J
    8. Honey, Kehlani
    9. Curvin Everybody, Travis Garland
    10. Make This Song Cry, K. Michelle
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  2. Last 7 days. I sure wish Robbie had chosen a better cover for that album but whatever...

    (I censored it. You're welcome)


    The Miguel album is a solid 7 or 8, by the way. Definite recommend if you're into alt R&B.
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  3. collage.php-2.jpeg
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  4. Let’s have a go.


    Bit of a mixed bag, huh.
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  5. 2017

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  6. The past week:

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  7. Past month hibernation playlist:
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  8. December: C'mon Hipsterjustice!

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  9. December:


    Whole lot of nights spent thinking or falling asleep to Joni, Nicole, Anita and Lana on repeat this year, as well as days spent alternately slam-dance-vogue-mosh-twirling and crying to Charli, Katy, St. Vincent, White Lung and Shania. It was a real #angstyhomosexual sort of year for me
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  10. The 2017 round-up:

    This is a bit muh-say but I kinda bop.
  11. My 2017:
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  12. A great great year:
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  13. Me waiting at midnight Dec 31, 2017 to capture these


    Lots of comfort listening, appropriately enough. Oh, and I ran a rate!




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  14. One month:


    Are you red-y... for me?
  15. I’ve sure covered a lot of bases this month.

  16. Yes, been enjoying it lately too. He’s so underrated in the communities I lurk.
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