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Your Weekly Album Collages!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Andy French, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. You stan talent, I see.
  2. Past month:

    Artists -


    Albums -

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  3. Bopuary:
    The black is My Lover (Remix) for some reason...

    Top Tracks
    1. No Drama, Tinashe
    2. Fine Line, Mabel
    3. Coldest Shoulder In The West, Mila J
    4. Southside, NSTASIA
    5. ABC 123, tUnE-yArDs
    6. Don't Don't Do It, N.E.R.D ft. Kendrick Lamar
    7. After The Storm, Kali Uchis
    8. Curious, Hayley Kiyoko
    9. Stay Off My Mind, Skott
    10. All The Stars, Kendrick Lamar & SZA
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  4. My January:
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  5. Yas Tori yas Vonda yas Alison yas Alanis!
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  6. [​IMG]

    Last month. I can't at reputation and Thank You being still there. Oh wow.
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  8. So it looks like the collage website is down or got deleted. ":("
    Just added you!
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  9. Wooo! Added you back. Kind of cool to be tracking my music again.
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  10. Feburary! I seem to be working my way back through Inna's discography one album and one month at a time.

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  11. February, or "The Month I Re-Discovered Glitter"
    Also - shocker - two male vocalists in the top row?

    Top Tracks
    1. No Drama, Tinashe ft. Offset
    2. Fine Line, Mabel ft. Not3s
    3. Queen of Me, LIZ
    4. Freak, Victoria Monet
    5. Bad Vibe, M.O ft. Lotto Boyzz, Mr. Eazi
    6. Faded Love, Tinashe
    7. Boy Like You, WESLEE
    8. Chains, NSTASIA
    9. Higher, Higher, Justine Timberlake
    10. Again, Kehlani
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  12. February for me
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  13. February:


    CIARA still pops all the way off tbh.
  14. February:
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  15. I haven't done one of these in a while so let me compile 2018 in album form thus far:


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