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Your Weekly Album Collages!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Andy French, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Last month!

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  2. Recently reached my 300,000th scrobble - as well as 5,000th artist!

    Now they need a feature that shows how much $$ your streams generate for your favorite artists!
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  3. Aaaaand March.

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  4. March Messiness

  5. March!
    And my top-played tracks:
    1. Lose You, Camille Trust << highly recommended megabop
    2. Next To You (Tracy Trapman) [Acoustic], NSTASIA
    3. September Fades, Ralph
    4. Space Cowboy, Kacey Musgraves
    5. Could U Love Me, LIZ
    6. Higher, Lily Allen
    7. Cigarette, Raye
    8. I Can Tell, Tiara Thomas
    9. Nervous, The Neighbourhood
    10. Time in a Bottle, Lykke Li
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  6. Last week

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  7. April:


    Last week:

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  8. [​IMG]
    And our top 10 tracks...
    1. There, Marlene & Ji Nilsson
    2. Pynk, Janelle Monae ft. Grimes
    3. Me So Bad, Tinashe
    4. Ten New Friends, Victoria Monet
    5. What I Need, Hayley Kiyoko ft. Kehlani
    6. Take Me As I Am, Rina Sawayama
    7. High Horse, Kacey Musgraves
    8. Showers, Junglepussy
    9. Bad Bad News, Leon Bridges
    10. No Hobbies, Aaron Childs
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  9. Here goes:
  10. May was a pretty boring month for new releases, so I had to make my own entertainment.

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  11. Cackling at this mess that is my last month:
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  12. Scream at A Girl Can Mack!!
  13. Apparently I went full blown ‘not that kind of gay’ this month.

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  14. May!
    Screaming at Christmas & Chill... exposed!

    Top ten tracks...
    1. Alone & Unafraid, Eliza
    2. Sunny Daze, Salaam Remi & Kat Dahlia
    3. Darker Shade of Green, Charles
    4. Screwed, Janelle Monae ft. Zoë Kravitz
    5. Ride You Like A Wave, Tiara Thomas
    6. All Of You, Junglepussy
    7. Hard on a Heart, Ashley Monroe
    8. All The Work, Amber Mark
    9. Water Fall Out Of Love, Victoria Monet
    10. Time Today, Kero Kero Bonito
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