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Your Weekly Album Collages!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Andy French, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. December:
  2. And 2018:
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  3. January!
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  4. January:
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  5. Well, January was sort of a weird month.

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  6. February
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  7. My February.

    Maisie Peters holding a cat on her new single. Peak collage, for me.

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  8. Just realised I never did January, oops.

    Anyway, here’s February.

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  9. The last 12 months

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  10. March! I just...really like Dido.

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  11. March:

    march 2019.jpg
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  12. My March 2019. Lots of Mandy.

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  13. Yours are always my favorite. Here's my March:
    The blank square is Maya B's incredible Dollar To a Diamond single.

    And now that we're a quarter of the way through 2019, let's rank some albums & singles:

    1. Don't Call Me Up, Mabel
    2. I Want You Around, Snoh Aalegra
    3. Binz, Solange
    4. Say So, PJ Morton & JoJo
    5. Nights Like This, Kehlani ft. Ty Dolla $ign
    6. Teach You, Emily King
    7. I'll Come Too, James Blake
    8. Dollar To A Diamond, Maya B
    9. Back In My Body, Maggie Rogers
    10. Stay Tru, Mereba
    1. New Breed, Dawn Richard
    2. When I Get Home, Solange
    3. The Jungle Is The Only Way Out, Mereba
    4. Scenery, Emily King
    5. While We Wait, Kehlani
    6. GIRL, Maren Morris
    7. Unfortunately, Terror Jr, Terror Jr
    8. Thank U Next, Ariana Grande
    9. Girls, Yung Baby Tate
    10. Don't Feed The Pop Monster, Broods
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  14. March (a few days late)

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  15. March

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  16. Can y'all tell I was stuck in 2001 this month? Aside from Tayla.
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  17. This is my favorite collage ever posted in this thread.

    My April:
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