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Your Weekly Album Collages!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Andy French, Apr 14, 2015.

  1. Oh my god Rhona! Satisfied is still a bop
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  2. My March: ~ Mandy Moore, Maria McKee, & M2M ~

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  3. C'mon April:
  4. April pour moi

  5. [​IMG]

    Yes, I've been doing the Madonna and Xtina rates.
  6. Longer and expanded albums + rates make up most of my April

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  7. It's so weird (but nice!) to see Incubus and Anberlin album covers here. Still glad I got to see Anberlin on their final(?) tour a few years back
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  8. I revisit Incubus once in a long while, like when they finally decide to drop a new release nn. Anberlin are one of my favorite bands out of that alternative rock/emo scene. I think they were supposed to announce another reunion tour this summer.
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  9. My debut in this thread, here's my April collage

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  10. I recognize the cover on the left to MNEK, having listened to her discography for the first time last year, yet I can't recall her name nn. What album is placed between Rina Sawayama and SOPHIE too?
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  11. Left to the MNEK is Javiera Mena and it's her debut solo album ! She's really a buried pop treasure, if you want to get start with her most polished album check the third album Otra Era.

    Between Rina XS cover and SOPHIE is Beach House latest album cover, 7
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  12. Thanks! I remember particularly loving the album Mena. I suppose I'm going to replay the debut and go chronologically from there. I'll check out Beach House too.
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  13. Guess I can post my April collage now. I made it last week & realized my random PJRetro entry(Elisa Fiorillo) was featured on it, so decided to wait to post.

  14. Welcome! What taste.
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  15. This ended up being my highest streamed month ever ddd

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