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Your Least Favourite X Factor Contestants

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. (By which I mean those who got to the lives).
    Jay James or Max Stone for me. Probably Chris Rene from the US show too.
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  2. Jahmene, especially the way every "performance" was treated like the second coming when in reality he sounded like a cat going through a mangle. Also his horrific giggle after every word did my head in.

    Lauren Bloody Platt for her entitlement.
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  3. She was the worst.

    I'll add Eoghan Quigg for preventing a perfect series from occurring (as it is, it's simply the best)
  4. Couldn't agree more, always found him painful and incredibly overrated.
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  5. James Arthur
    Daniel Evans
    Frankie Cocozza
    Jay James
    Danyl Johnson
    Mason Noise
    Jonny Robinson
    Max Stone

    And someone whose name I can't remember who was ex-army and refused to do the customary post departure PA at G-A-Y.
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  6. Lord, I'd forgotten (actually, removed) half of these in mind - you brought them back lol!
    Danyl Johnson particularly annoyed me, came off as very slimy and lad-ish...
    I need to add Jake Quicktime or whatever he's called to my list too...
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  7. Jonjo Kerr! I'd forgotten all about him, has to be one of the worst ever.
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  8. Dead Wife Daniel.
  9. I didn't mind Jake, he obviously just wanted to be famous but he seemed like much less of a prick than I'd anticipated and had a nice voice. He was clearly very influenced by Robbie Williams. I was expecting to hate him, but he just faded into the background a bit.
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  10. I didn't watch the whole series (stopped caring a few episodes in) so I probably can't fully make a judgement on him. I suppose yeah, he's pretty harmless and seems ok.
  11. I had too - was terrified that he'd come back and storm the show in an 'our boys' fashion. Thank god for Amelia Lily.

    At the time, I actually hated her for taking Misha B's place in the final (despite the majority of the voting public disagreeing with me).
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  12. Danyl Johnsoon what a nob.
    Gamu bloody hell she was arrogant.
    Reggie and Bolly - what a poor excuse they were. Absolute crap.
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  13. Remember when he was legitimately the best in the sing-off though? I didn't mind Dead Wife Daniel (in hindsight).
  14. Did we actually ever see Gamu speak? I thought she existed solely as an auto-tuned Walking On Sunshine snippet...
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  15. Whatever happened to FYD?
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  17. Danyl, James Arthur and Frankie are the trinity of X Factor cunts.
  18. Matt Cardle, Christopher Maloney, everyone from 2013.
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  19. Think they split up immediately after elimination, one of them was a backing dancer in week 5 of their season.
  20. Scott bloody Bruton
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