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Your Least Favourite X Factor Contestants

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. I only watch it for the messiness anyway - Honey G is my new queen, however she can never replace my icon Shirlena Johnson, Dame of Mercy.
  2. But Honey G IS an iconic mess. Who doesn't love a bit of Missy?
  3. Oh I know she is, that's why I adore her! However Shirlena will always hold a place in my heart for her unique performance style and the fact that she was robbed of her bootcamp place!
  4. I can't claim to remember her but then I rarely venture into the archives!

  5. Duffy who?
  6. Duffy who indeed! So polite, so into it. You have to say it's an original take on the song.

    A true iconic mess!
  7. We all need to be released sometime, somewhere, somehow...
  8. Christ, where do I begin with this thread?

    Diana Vickers - I can't stand any contrived "quirky, look at me I'm so different" singers on these sorts of shows. Just because she didn't wear shoes and sang with a horribly affected voice didn't make her "unique" at all. She was alright in the first few weeks on the show but she was absolutely shocking after she returned from her illness and the fact she beat out the likes of Ruth Lorenzo made the whole show a complete joke, and that was in 2008 when it was still sort of credible.

    Craig Colton - How on Earth did he get so far? One of the most boring singers to appear on the show. His voice was so dull and had absolutely no charisma or personality to it, plus he looked permanently smug and had zero stage presence. I think I actually dreaded his performances because I knew they would be so fucking dull and yet the judges would rave about him.

    Rylan Clark - In it for the fame. Just because he had some "banter" and "had a laugh" didn't make him interesting for me. Can't stand any Geordie Shore/Only Way Is Essex wannabees.

    Katie Waissel - Another 'quirky" girl. Her rambling and attitude at her audition put me off her for life. Pleasant enough voice but stop thinking you're special and one of a kind just because you wear weird clothes and listen to "indy" music.
  9. "Random sexual noises radiate outward from the stage"
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  10. Ottavio was back tonight!
  11. Don't get me started on the whole "young Lenny Henry" fiasco. Louis is a joke.
  12. My legendary queen, she lives on through her occasional tweets.
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  13. and everyone on the show is acting like they have never seen him before.
  14. I
    I quite liked them to be honest but they were slut shamed off the show.
  15. Surprised nobody other than me has gone for Jay James. Everything about the guy got on my last nerve, from his flop record deal to his boring mushy peas voice to his dreadful guitar playing. How he got as far as he did is a mystery.
  16. I forgot about him. I'm quite glad he didn't get so far in the competition as he had that dreaded boring appeal to mums vote.
  17. I think everyone else finds him forgettable whereas I find him horribly memorable.
  18. Lauren Murray, Christopher Maloney and Jahmene were all horrifically unlikeable.
  19. Jahmene was painful alright.
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