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Your Least Favourite X Factor Contestants

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AmbivalentToBritney, Aug 25, 2016.

  1. Jahmene
    James Arthur
    Christopher Maloney
    Nicholas McDonald
    Craig Colton
    Katie Weissel
    Reggie & Bollie
    Mason Noise
    Stereo Kicks
    Abi Alton
    Stevi Ritchie
    Chloe Jasmine
    Sam Callahan

    Some of the most annoying and untalented since I started watching in '10
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  2. Maybe annoying, but untalented is definitely the wrong word for at least James.
  3. Didn't mean it literally for everyone.
  4. The best singer in Stereo Kicks should have been a solo act, he was genuinely very good
  5. Haha, definitely not. The one in Union J isn't a good singer, the Stereo Kicks one (James) was miles better and it was funny seeing him get a solo in every song since everybody knew it
  6. Yeah I really liked his voice, shame he got bundled into that group, he had potential. Out of curiosity I just checked his twitter/insta to see what he is doing now and he has been recording with Rodney Jerkins, so he seems to be doing alright for himself actually.
  7. Is he? Who is he signed with
  8. He first posted back in April about working with him according to a quick google search and is still working with him now, just noticed another post on his instagram being with Rodney at Sony, so presumably he's with a Sony label.
  9. I wouldn't consider James Arthur's deeply unpleasant singing voice a talent.
  10. Andy 'The Bin Man' Abraham.
    Horrible voice and horrible man.
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  11. Just turned this on, what is this School of Rock nonsense

    edit: wrong thread! sorry.
  12. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the hideous Blonde Electra.

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  13. They and Bratavio... Some of the worst acts to ever go through to the lives. But hey, what else can you expect from Louis Walsh?
  14. I saw them at a Years & Years gig and was mildly embarrassed that I recognised them.
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