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Your life in (play)lists

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, Sep 13, 2021.

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    Couldn't think of an existing topic where this fits but I'm sure if there's any place where fellow list geeks might appreciate it it's here and maybe some of you would like to take on the challenge as well, so here goes!
    Since I always intend on making all kinds of yearlists (which I never complete because of perfectionism) and I'm about to hit the big 40 I decided to challenge myself to making 40 playlists with 40 favourite/defining songs of each year in the 40 days leading up to it.

    - I'm going by life years instead of calendar years which takes a little more research here and there but also feels kinda liberating because the whole 'is this song more 2001 or 2002?' dilemma feels gone.
    - If a song is not on Spotify it's out. Simple as that. You can't make a 40-song-playlist with songs that aren't there.
    - Every playlist is in chronological order with the occasional exception of swapping 1 or 2 songs around if it really improves the flow.

    For each year first I go through every top 40 entry of its year, export a textfile of all of them to Spotify using and play every one of them to check if I know them (for the 80s this led to some great (re)discoveries, I assume I won't be needing this from the 00s onwards). Then I check my iTunes for any songs from the year that might still be missing because they didn't chart (over here). I already anticipate this will be a lot more work when we get to more recent years


    Lists thusfar:
    Year 1 (1981-1982)
    Year 2 (1982-1983)
    Year 3 (1983-1984)
    Year 4 (1984-1985)
    Year 5 (1985-1986)
    Year 6 (1986-1987)

    Thusfar it's been pretty nostalgic, interesting to see in context which artists dominated which years and how some years definitely feel stronger to me than others. I'm working a little ahead and already noticed towards the late 80s/early 90s I have a lot more favourites/memories and it becomes a lot less about 'which other songs can I put on here' and more about 'which ones am I possibly going to cut to narrow it down to 40?'. I assume from the late 90s onwards it will be an absolute hell but the selfimposed deadline is definitely helping me to just do it instead of the usual endless finetuning and second guessing!
  2. This is great. I will enjoy listening. I did something similar for my 30th, where I took one song per life year, meaning I initially began with a playlist of 31 songs. I then carried it on for every year afterwards. My song didn’t need to have have been released in the year, but had to have been particularly prominent in my life that year. Also, just one song per artist, so if I already had an artist on the list, they couldn’t get another slot.

    A problem has occurred in trying to transfer the playlist from iTunes over to Spotify, in that some songs aren’t available. I’m going to look again at getting it up to date, and I’ll post here when that’s done.
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    So this proved to be very challenging (in some years finding it hard to even get to 40, in especially the late 90s painful to narrow it down to 40, and with more recent years there was often a sense of 'is this is?', possibly because there's no nostalgia or standing the test of time yet)

    Full playlist of all 1600 songs:

    I've now started making 10 minute montages of each year (14 done, 26 still to go), partially for even more nostalgia/as a nice little time capsule, but also because I'll soon be starting a song battle with a shitload of polls on Twitter (I've done them before for particular years to find the ultimate 40 songs of said year, this time it will be a contest to search people's favourites.. out of my favourites)

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    I look forward to seeing that!
    For this (as I might have mentioned) I just cut a song if it wasn't on Spotify. Might be a bit misleading in the long run because some of my actual favourites are missing, but there's no point to making a 40-song playlist if some of the songs aren't there
  5. Wow, I missed this project at the time. That is really quite some undertaking!

    Goodness knows what mine might look like, I could have done it for my 50th.
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    The twitter part of it is still going with obvious all the less know (PJ) faves going out first.
    Still working on making a video for each year, currently at 2011.

    Up till 2001 are uploaded now:
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