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Your Own/Favourite K-Pop Photoshops!

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Dec 10, 2016.

  1. K-pop has a lot of funny gifs, memes, photos, etc these days so why not celebrate those with this thread? I was inspired by these threads from the off-topic subforum.

    I'll start with my favourites. Kii.


    Taeyeon is me.


    Sooyoung's fast blinking always gets me.

    Now, it's your turn! Have fun! I hope the mods won't delete this. Hehe.
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  2. [​IMG]

    I'll find more from the back catalogue later.
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  3. 2016'S BREAKOUT GIF.
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  4. These are a few of my own creations. Back when Unpretty Rapstar 2 was airing, I was over on Asian Junkie ripping Truedy to shreds for being a Yoon Mirae cosplayer.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    She kept calling herself Black Queen Q, so I made this. The queen of recycling.


    This one was when Irene was contacted by some ironing company on Twitter to become their spokesperson after appearing on Weekly Idol.


    This one is Potato Hyerin doing the Mansae dance.


    No comment required.

    I put my knees on ice, bitch! Dr. Scholl's!
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  6. I LIVE for the Truedy stuff!

    My avatar is just one part of a lovely trilogy of stank-face Hyeyeon:

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  7. So curious, can anyone brief me about this girl?
    I love the tea on Produce 101.
  8. She was originally training to be an actress before she went on Produce 101 and had no singing or dance background whatsoever, so understandably her first audition was absolutely terrible. She improved a lot during the show but was still adorably awkward most of the time, so a lot of people liked her and she finished 5th overall and made the final group.

    On the other hand she got a ton of hate because some thought she was taking the spot of those who are more talented/worked harder/trained longer [delete where applicable, each excuse is as illegitimate as the next]. But still, she's the one who's more likeable than contestant #76 who was probably very talented and probably trained for 20 years but was never on camera.

    Anyway, now she's broken free from her original company and (with the help of her super rich daddy) set up her own company which handles all of her business and schedules. Oh and they also run a cafe named after her favourite animal - penguins.
  9. Disappointed that you didn't post the gif of Siyeon reacting to Sohye getting in the group.
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  10. Perched for S&P entertainment to take YG's spot as one of the Big 3.
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  11. As leader centre main vocal Lee Haein's #1 stan, I do not acknowledge this "Siyeon" you speak of

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  12. Your dedication to those lips is admirable.

    Keep em coming. xx
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    But thank you for this late Halloween gift. I already know where I'm using this. Kii.
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  14. R92


    I'm so sick of your shit.

    Keep it going xx
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  15. Can someone make one of those videos based on the song goes faster everytime Brave Sound grunts or shouts?
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