Your own/favourite non-popstar photoshops

Calm down Trollsillos its a popular meme and most drunk people are looking for their ubers at night, in a sea of other cars.

Or people who are severely short-sighted like me and their eyesight gets considerably worse when it gets dark even when they're wearing glasses/contact lenses *sigh*
Whew this is getting heated.
It's funny cause it's true


In Dublin we don't have Uber on a grand scale. Instead we use normal taxis which we can summon via a different app.

Recently, a guy I hooked up with years ago spotted me on the street and came over to talk to me. I didn't want to talk to him as he was a freak so I said "sorry can't talk my uber has arrived".

I started walking to a taxi but realised my mistake halfway through about Uber not being a thing and went up to a normal car at a traffic light and looked into the car like the woman in that meme with my phone in hand. And then I ran off in a panic.

I was sober.