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Your unpopular pop opinions

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. - Cheryl Cole's entire first album is awful. Fight For this Love is nothing special and I was really shocked that it became such a big hit in the UK. She largely worked with on the album and this resulted in us getting a watered down R&B album when if she was paired with a more exciting team, we could have gotten a smashing pop album instead.

    - Witness is Katy Perry's best album, I enjoy the album tracks way more than on any of her other albums which are largely filler.

    - Oasis are brilliant and possibly the best boyband of all time (I didn't know this was unpopular but I made a comment about it here awhile back and well, it is unpopular nn). Definitely Maybe and (What's The Story) Morning Glory? are both fantastic albums that are absolute classics.

    - Charli XCX could be a great popstar, it's just a pity that most of her songs finish quicker than me after I've had too many vodka lemonades at the pub.

    Pitbull's albums are actually full of bangers and I lowkey miss the iconic period around 2010-2013 where almost every song had (Ft. Pitbull) attached to it fff.

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  2. In contrast, I think that 3 Words is her only good album. "Fight For This Love," "3 Words" and "Parachute" is her strongest singles run, in my opinion.

    That being said, outside of 3 Words and parts of A Million Lights ("Call My Name" and "Ghetto Baby" in particular), I'm not really here for Cheryl. "Promise This" might've been a No. 1 hit in Ireland, Scotland and the UK, but that "Alouette"-sampling mess completely turned me off her.
  3. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Cheryl’s discography is mostly embarrassing.
  4. Modern Love is my only Bowie keeper, though I like Life on Mars when covered by other artists.

    Elton can have I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues, The One, Philadelphia Freedom and his duets with LeAnn Rimes, Gaga and George Michael, but I can leave the rest.
  5. My unpopular opinion of the day is that Rihanna's debut album is considerably better than Madonna's.
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  6. I feel like I'm gonna get roasted for this one.

    - If I never heard ...Baby One More Time by Britney again that would be fine, it's overplayed to death and she has way better singles. Her first album is awful and her second one isn't much better. For me Britney really became interesting when she released Slave and Britney is one of her best.

    - Crazy in Love by Beyoncé has aged woefully and I haven't revisited it for years unless it's playing when I'm out

    - Madonna hasn't had a good album since Confessions

    - Little Mix and Girls Aloud both embodied the message of 'girl power' more than The Spice Girls ever did.

    - Busted's 2016 comeback album Night Driver is one of the best boyband albums of all time

    - Albums can be "faceless" but still enjoyable. An example would be Stars Dance by Selena Gomez, literal wall to wall bops and I'd even go as far as saying it was the best album of 2013. Also Revival which is mostly Rihanna rejects, yet it's better than Anti.

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  7. This right here is why we never see eye to eye.

    I never knew this was a thread and this is where I will share most of my opinions.


    Taylor Swift is boring as hell and I will never understand why she is successful. Her personality is also shit.
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  8. Phil Collins is just as good, if not better, than most of the flashy pop stars.

    When Mariah Carey covers one of your songs and falls way short of the original, you know you can fucking sing. Of course Phil Collins doesn't have close to as technically strong a voice as she does, but he truly sings the shit out of Against All Odds.
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  9. Oh I have a whole list of these - just songs I never need to hear again.
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  10. Bey has never topped B'Day.
  11. I'd absolutely agree with this if it wasn't for Renaissance this year nn
  12. Unpopular pop opinions, eh?

    I actually really enjoy “Bad Habits” by Ed Sheeran. It’s legit a good song.
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  13. Close the thread. We've found the most unpopular pop opinion ever!
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  14. If you divorce it from its visuals, it's a legit bop. Also, I'm glad that it being a hit meant some serious coin for Fred Again.
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  15. I thought of this post yesterday, when I went into a charity shop and saw 'Ladies and Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael' for just £1. Reader, I bought it.

    But I wouldn't do the same for Elton or Bowie.
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  16. Bad Habits is shit but Shivers is actually a pretty good song. Doesn't have staying power though.
  17. I love the self-titled and Lemonade, but my Bey Top 3 is B'Day, 4 and Renaissance.
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  18. Bjork’s Fossora is warmer than her previous couple of albums…

    But I still prefer the genius of Post and Homogenic
  19. 'Homogenic' was the last good Bjork album.
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  20. Pitchfork are right about Teenage Dream.
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