Your unpopular pop opinions

- Whilst Ariana Grande is very talented, her music is painfully average and she doesn't have one good album

- Prince's music does absolutely nothing for me

- The Diary of Alicia Keys is Alicia Keys' best album

- Sophie Ellis-Bextor needs to move away from the style of her last two efforts, she shines the most when she's doing music for the dancefloor (Make a Scene is her best). Not really here for the folk type music she's been putting out.

- All For You seems to get lots of flack but I actually really enjoy the whole vibe of it, it's essential to Janet's discography

- The Wanted are criminally underrated and it astounds me that they haven't had the same global success as One Direction, especially when their music is 10x better
She’s got vocals for days but she’s a lil too… how do you say? Engaging in Racist cosplay, for me to fully stan.

I’ll go to my grave defending no tears left to cry to be clear!
Dalida, Sheila, France Gall, Edith Piaf and Serge Gainsbourg's achievements in music are far too underrated by the Anglophones Of The World!

Generally, fan favorite album tracks would make for poor singles because stans always fail to factor in whether or not the track would appeal to a general audience and tend to view their fave's releases in a vacuum instead of within the context of the wider musical landscape.

Agreed. I especially hate when fans claim that successful singles shouldn't have been singles because they personally don't like the song.

"4 Minutes shouldn't have been the lead. It should have been She's Not Me." SMH.


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I prefer Element and As I Am. But those were also the first ones I properly played as a whole when they came out so that helps
Michael Jackson was a monster and his music is cheesy and repetitive with a few brilliant songs here and there. There are also much better male singers out there (George Michael destroys him vocally).

He also has the most unhinged fanbase in music. They think he was a prophet or something.

I'd have liked his material a bit more if the songs were edited down at least by 90 seconds and all the noises - ahhhs, breaths, lip licking, woooos etc he made taken out. All that guff has never impressed me, there's just something incredibly naff and self-indulgent about it. I wasn't really aware of him until "Black or White" came out, which was around the time his weirdness started to become pop-cultural, so I've always wondered what the fuck with him.

My younger brother a decade my junior missed all that, only ever heard his music out of context with his story and absolutely loved him.