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Your unpopular pop opinions

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. In a career riddled with mistakes and missed opportunities, the biggest mistake in Ciara's career was following Ciara with Jackie, which was a regression and felt like a rushed release, despite coming almost two years after Ciara. You could hear the mismash of older previously unreleased material and old demos that other artists passed on on Jackie, while Ciara, despite being equally as eclectic, was a stronger body of work.
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  2. Not sure exactly how unpopular it is, but pop enthusiasts' obsession with vocals sounding perfect is beyond tiresome. I mean, I understand wanting vocals to sound good, but the nitpicking just gets absurd at times.
  3. - Can't Get You Out of My Head is overrated. It's... fine but its success overshadowed In Your Eyes and Love At First Sight which are way better pop songs

    - Christmas albums have to be the most boring projects artists release, I actively sigh when a big pop girl announces one. Quite frankly with how much Christmas music I'm subjected to in December I'd rather listen to someone scratching their nails on a chalkboard than sit down and listen to a Christmas album (before anyone says it - "BAH HUMBUG" indeed)

    - Fantasy Ride is Ciara's best album, brilliant from start to finish

    - Cher Lloyd's Sorry I'm Late album is actually a solid pop album
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  4. I don’t think that finding CGYOMH the weaker Fever single is that unpopular. A lot of us shared that opinion during her Discography Rate. It’s still great though!
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  5. Oh really? I thought I was alone on that one!

    Yeah it's still a great song, but the follow-up singles are definitely stronger!
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  6. Fans always like to point to something obscure as their fave by their fave to prove how much they stan an artist, but sometimes the general public is right and an artist's biggest hit is their best song.
  7. Yikes! Thank goodness I never looked further into Sandi Thom fff
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  8. Not me just discovering that Sandi Thom has six albums. I honestly thought that she retired after her one hit.
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  9. It actually did end up the highest rated single from that album in her most recent discography rate (made it to #4 in total). Then again, "Fever" has one of the most flawless single runs ever, so it's basically just comparing 10/10 songs dd

    Speaking of Kylie and unpopular opinions, "Slow" is my least favourite single from "Body Language" (it's still really good obviously).
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  10. I don't think this is necessarily an unpopular opinion? Unless they're a cute little side project and a fresh take on the "genre", like Ariana's Christmas & Chill EP, I hate it when artists release Christmas albums. It just feels so creatively bankrupt and, especially for artists past their commercial peak, kind of like giving up. Nothing says "only in it for the money" more than releasing a Christmas album.
  11. Or a covers album.
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  12. Oh, I've just noticed it's the beginning of December and lots of people seem to be listening to Christmas music so I just assumed people generally got excited for them. I wouldn't know because I don't really do Christmas ddd but 100% agree with this! Haven't listened to any Christmas albums artists have released, no interest
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  13. This is going to be controversial and I wouldn't dare post it in her thread, but Sza's music does absolutely nothing for me, it's... okay. I've listened to CTRL multiple times and then SOS when it was released too, but I honestly couldn't tell you what one Sza song sounds like.
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  14. I've come to terms that bar the singles, which are truly great, I really dislike the Spice Girls music.
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  15. - Katy B's Honey was definitely better than Little Red overall, it deserved way much more success
    - While the whole R.O.S.E. concept and Jessie J in general are cringe and overall embarassing, a lot of the songs on that album were actually fine and she actually showed restraint vocally, and I mean she can have a great voice if she wants too.
    - International Smile by Katy Perry is stupid and fun, I was actually surprised to see how much hate it got (gets?)
    - I am greatly disappointed by FKA twigs output post MAGDALENE
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  16. Live albums, especially without the actual concert video, are pointless. The point of the live performance is to view a live performance.

    I love a good covers album that completely reworks the songs (see: Uncovered series by UnWoman) and/or has a theme but most Popstar covers (let alone cover albums) are just them singing a shitty reproduction of the original so it’s all what’s the point.
  17. I hate when the standard and deluxe editions of an album have different covers.
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  18. "Adore" and "Quit" are two of Ariana's best singles, but they're slept on because Cashmere Cat is the lead artist on both instead of Ariana.
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  19. I really like the "Young Bleu" and Zayn song. I know it's partly because Zayn's so hot he overrides my conscious mind, but it's very pretty and I like the vibe of the visualizer too.
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  20. I struggle with her a bit too. I like "Kill Bill" but it's one of the few that stuck with me off her new one, which feels so long and meandering that it's tough to sit through in one go. I like about half of Ctrl (pretty much the same songs everyone else likes).

    A friend turned me on to her mixtapes when she was still fairly underground and there's some really strange stuff on those that interests me a lot more than her major label projects. I wish she still made music like this:

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