Your unpopular pop opinions

Also, The Smiths are overrated. Morrisey is one of the biggest melody recyclers of all time. I feel like they make the same song over and over and over. It gets exhausting and it makes it hard to sit through a whole The Smiths album.

I love some individual songs by them, but the body of work is so repetitive. Clever lyrics don't change that.

While I like Morrissey's lyrics, musically, The Smiths were nowt spectactular musically.
Didn't want to post this in any of the LM members' solo threads because it would feel mean to be negative about these nice seeming womens' solo careers, but I would be shocked if any of them released interesting music and I don't even remotely understand the fascination with them. They are very good singers but they all have fairly standard sounding voices and I'm fully expecting some basic pop or R&B-tinged pop about romance and maybe empowerment here and there.
In my head Kylie's music career started with Rhythm of Love. I also only listen to about 8 songs from Britney's first two albums. And they are my two biggest pop queen's. I just prefer them being a wee bit naughty.
Kylie's 80s music is a bit:


She improved immensely in the 90s.
I use like three Kylie songs from the PWL years, but this one easily slots alongside her 'indie/mature' era during the 90s:

'Finer Feelings' is easily her best PWL-era single.

I don't get Kylie's renewed popularity in the 2000s. The music was so sub-par. She got even worse in the 2010s and 2020s.
I’ve never been able to get into The Smiths either, but How Soon Is Now is an undeniable masterpiece. Of course I’m a bit biased because it will forever be iconic as the Charmed theme (well, a cover of it anyway), but it’s a classic. More so because of Johnny Marr than Morrissey, though.
- CVRCHES third album Love is Dead is their best. Forever was the song that made me discover them and I've just always enjoyed the album. Lots of people seem to see this as their worst but I think it's miles better than Screen Violence

- Kim Petras is just... a nothingness. Her music has always been well below average and I couldn't imagine sitting through a full album of hers

- David Guetta's Nothing But the Beat is the best album by a DJ that I have listened to, wall-to-wall bops that still sound fresh today

- Nicki Minaj has never topped Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded - a fantastic album full of smashes. Starships and Pound the Alarm remain her two best singles.

- Happier than Ever by Billie Eilish is a snoozefest, her first album is way better