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Your unpopular pop opinions

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. I'm shocked but they're going to get that #1! Who could have suspected such a turgid, piss poor pop group could do it? I honestly didn't!
  2. Hang on...they're on course for a number 1 with Missing You...?!!!
  3. I've probably said this before somewhere but The Loving Kind is shit.
  4. How 'Memory of You' was the B-side to 'The Loving Kind' is beyond belief.
  5. "Untouchable" is not as amazing as everybody thinks and nowhere near the best Girls Aloud song.
  6. 3Xs


    Oh gosh.

    Whenever people say things like "the UK charts are SOOO much better than the American charts!!" I'm going to laugh in their face. First that god awful JLS song ("The Club is On Fire"? - I don't even remember the title) and now Missing You getting #1.

    Everything from their second album until now has been utter dog shit. The poor man's Girls Aloud is right.
  7. It's not even the best song from that era (either version). It's good, but I don't get the fervent love for it.
  8. dmc


    Billionaire is a great song (I vastly prefer the B. Mars feat. as opposed to Travie *shudder*).
  9. 3Xs, that argument became unusable the day Cheryl Cole hit number one with that God awful song.
  10. 3Xs


    ^Ha! So true!
  11. "Fight For This Love" deserved it's#1 position...not only was it musically superior to other songs out at that time, the performances that went along with it, were....EPIC haha.
  12. I hate when male singers use their high-pitched voice, it doesn't seem natural, most of the time it ruins the song. If they only use it in the chorus it's okay, though.
    For example I love Jake Shears and Mika's voices but once they use their high-pitched voices, it's almost unlistenable to me.
  13. duckface

    duckface Guest

    Agreed, though that really is basically Mika's voice.

    The worst offender has to be Justin Timberlake for me.
  14. Uch, completely agree! If you're gonna listen to a guy you wanna hear a guy's voice. If they're gonna do that squeaky, falsetto shit you may as well listen to a female artist. Jason Derulo makes some bizarre noise in his songs that never fails to make me laugh. It becomes funnier when you take into account they probably think they're doing some amazing vocal acrobatics or something... Just a shame no one bothers to tell them it sounds like they're being castrated.
  15. Catfights & Spotlights is the best album ever.
  16. 3Xs


    I don't mind male singers who do falsetto CORRECTLY. Maxwell's falsetto is orgasmic.
  17. I respectably disagree with both of these opinions! I have stated it before, but I think Untouchable is the most wondrous thing Girls Aloud have ever done.

    I don't particularly like the Saturdays, but Forever Is Over is their best single by a long shot.
  18. The Loving Kind is amazing and far better than people give it credit for.

    I really like Untouchable, but I agree it's not the musical deity a lot of people on here seem to think it is. There are at least 15 far superior Girls Aloud songs.
  19. RJF


    Wow. I love it, but the best album ever it ain't. It's not even the best Sugababes album.
  20. I'd also like to add Prince and Robin Thicke to that list. Both of their falsettos are very good (Prince's more so).
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