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Your unpopular pop opinions

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Mvnl, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Loveplus31

    Loveplus31 Guest

    3LW were underrated but they have some good tunes and I love their vocals. Danity Kane's potential was through the roof, and their second album was amazing. I don't know much about SWV but 'Weak' is still my jam til this day! I always find it funny that sheer talent is usually found in the musicians people consider 'flops'. But, then again I've never been the type of person who couldn't enjoy music if an artist isn't popular so I can't relate.

  2. HAHA. That was evidently one of my UCAS conditions!
  3. Im SO over Electra Heart, her album got stale so fast I can't listen to Primadonna or the rest of the album bar Radioactive without wanting to Van Gough my ears.

    Also Flo Rida's 'Let It Roll' is flawless.
  4. It hasn't really lasted through repeat plays for me, truth be told. It has some fab moments though.
  5. One of these days I will sit down and listen to 'MDNA' and 'Electra Heart'.
  6. Van Gogh only cut off a portion of the fleshy part of one ear, so I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work for you.

    And I only just realised the parallels between Van Gogh and Britney cutting her hair off. :0
  7. I'm a bit bored of Electra Heart too. Primadonna is still such a jam though.
  8. I still completely love Electra Heart and Marina is a genius.
  9. My copy of the album is arriving from the UK this week. I cannot contain my enthusiasm, as I've been able to restrain myself and only listen to Radioactive and Primadonna.
  10. REALLY ?!

    That is amazing willpower. It's well worth it. I remember the first time I heard Teen Idle and Bubblegum Bitch, AND HOMEWRECKER !

    Such a perfect album.
  11. You're all so late. I was already indifferent to Electra Heart after the first listen.
  12. Which means it will be competing with Born to Die for best album of the year on my list.

    Teen Idle is possibly the song I'm most excited about hearing, from what I've read from other people. It will certainly be an amazing experience!
  13. Oh yes. I have an unpopular opinion. Electra Heart and Born To Die are joined by A Million Lights as the best albums of the year.

    Also Ghetto Baby is better than the majority of songs on Born To Die. And Without You is Lana's best song.

    I used to be the king of unpopular opinions you know. Then jinzo came along. *Sadface*
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  14. Without You is great, but Hey Lolita Hey is my favourite Lana song at the moment. I feel bad for bonus tracks, especially when they're amazing.
  15. I hate The Saturday's "All Fired Up".

    I also hate everything about Beyonce. I hate her "girls, we rule the world" empowerment messages while strutting across a stage and wiggling her half naked arse. I hate that she wails, not sings. I especially hate her pronunciation of the majority of the English language during songs. I hate that she has about 57,000 Jay-Z songs so not only do I have to listen her shrieking, I've to put up with that bellend as well. I hate the she named her child Blue. (Yes, if you give your child a stupid name, I WILL JUDGE YOU!)

    I realise my hatred maybe verging on irrational and I should probably seek psychiatric assistance for it so in the effort of fairness I will say I like what she did for Taylor Swift at the VMA's in allowing her to have her "moment" which was both very gracious and classy and I don't hate "Irreplaceable".
  16. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Haha amazing. I do get a bit of what you're saying though. For me, the thing I don't like about Beyonce is how the crap she pulls off is often overlooked. I mean, when you have Michelle Obama claiming that you are an amazing role model etc. it's a bit difficult for people to turn around and say "Well she stole writing credits from Song X, Y and Z!" or "She was the reason behind LaTavia, LeToya and Farrah leaving." because there's such a culture of deference with things like that. I'm sure Beyonce is very talented, but all the sneaky, shady, sketchy stuff should never be overlooked.
  17. I don't understand. Are you saying you can't be a feminist and flaunt your sex appeal at the same time?

    And then she released Survior to just rub it in their faces! (And blast them on the radio)
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  18. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    That first sentence is so true though. Cheryl finally delivered a strong album.
  19. I jumped ship after Radioactive.
  20. No, but Beyonce takes it to the extreme. You can be sexy in a way that doesn't shove it in people's faces at every possible opportunity. You used the word "flaunt" and that's the point; there is a difference between enjoying your sex appeal (whatever you perceive that to be) and flaunting it. Beyonce wasn't exactly wearing a burka in Destiny's Child but she she didn't come across as so "Oooh look at me, I'm a big show off." While I think you don't have to get naked to be sexy, I don't think you have to burn your bra's, shun makeup and refuse to shave to be a feminist either. Of course, this is just my opinion.

    Oooh, I'd forgotten about the whole "If I Was a Boy" song stealing controversy and her part in throwing out the other members of Destiny's Child. Thank you for giving me other - more rartional reasons - to be irritated by her!!! I agree with you that the not nice aspects of her career are often overlooked and shouldn't be. While I, of course, want my popstars to be talented I also want them to be sincere and likeable as they're part of the package.

    I also hated hearing my 10 year old singing "grind upon it girl, show him how you ride it." This doesn't just apply to Beyonce but all popstars. When you know you're a role model and a female ideal for young girls - my kid and her friends all want to be Beyonce, followed a good way by Rihanna - then it's important to try and keep your lyrics reasonably kid friendly. Would Michelle Obama like to hear her daughters singing those kind of lyrics?

    I know this sounds very prudish and I honestly thought this would never bother me given I am young myself (Izzie is my cousin, I adopted her when she was 6) and I survived Britney unjaded but hearing your kid singing sexual lyrics at such a young age isn't really the highlight of my year. Raising girls is difficult enough as it is without Beyonce and her peers convincing them that parading around half naked is the way women go about being sexy.

    I recognise as a parent it isn't Beyonce's job to raise my child but popstars have so much influence particularly when they're very young because they're glamorous, talented and gorgeous and no matter how successful my boyfriend and I are, Beyonce we ain't!

    Off my soapbox now!
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