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Your views on Chris Moyles' gay ringtone incident

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by silverspirit, Sep 29, 2006.

  1. He didn't like a ringtone, he meant to say it was shit but couldn't because it's national radio for crying out loud (not that it stopped Rupert Everett...) so he said, "I don't want that one, it's gay."

    The BBC board of governors said it was fine because he was keeping up with modern usage, meaning that it was shit and not that it was homosexual.

    What do you think?
  2. I don't really care much for what he says theres plenty worse what people think of him - but the BBC statement certainly concerns me. Doesn't really set a precedent for equality if they associate the connotations with being gay as being 'shit'.

  3. It's the slang that most young people are using but I totally disagree with it. There was no commotion when, in classic Doctor Who episode Aliens Of London, Rose was taking the piss out of the Doctor and she says: "You're so gay!"
  4. Did she mean he was acting in a fashion which might be attributed to the stereotype of the homosexual man, or was she saying that he's crap?
  5. chris moyles is in more trouble. hes just had rio ferdinand on his show and chris was asking rio who was the most fanciable footballer. rio jokingly called chris a "faggot", live on air.
  6. I read that in some rag yesterday.

    The thing is, who actually considers it funny anyway?

    "Oh, I was only joking."
    Oh okay then.
    Just kidding.
  7. I hate the term gay to mean stupid.

    It works like this: If that
    Ringtone = gay
    Then gay = Stupid
    then Me being gay = Me being stupid.

    I'm not stupid. I hate the word. If we were to say "That ringtone is so Jew" or "That ringtone is so white" people would get pissed. Being a white-jew-black-indonisian- gay man, I don't aprove.

    I also don't approve of the word gay meaning "So Femmy" again, not all gay men are femmy, nor are they stupid, nor do they like high fashion.

    I'm an activist of sorts, I swear.
  8. This is my point precisely, but the 2D view of gay people seems to be happily endorsed by the BBC who allowed fatso to get away with saying this on air.

    Remember if you will the study of BBC TV that Stonewall carried out to find that out of far too much telly viewed for gay content, far too little actually contained gay content and only six minutes of that was positive, the rest were stereotypical camp queens.

    Think of the dreaded 'Enders; when was the last time we had a gay character who was sexually active and not stealing someone else's partner?

    I've been reading a bit on this recently, and someone suggested that if Moyles had used the rather 80s word 'spastic', he'd have been in the queue for ITV with his P45 in hand.

    I'm not a queeny gay man, I'm very much adversed to people who are (alas my TomBoy assault was deleted, but it was great fun) and I'm not an activist either (and wouldn't want to be), I just can't see how such a legendary corporation such as the BBC can endorse the use of a word that clearly people find offensive.

    And some might say we're being over-sensitive, but then they're not the ones who constantly, day in, day out hear people using a word which they use to describe themselves, employed in a negative and derogatory manner. It matters not to me, but what about younger gay kids who have this desperate secret and have to be subjected to constant demoralisation that wouldn't be so prevalent on the playground if it wasn't so endorsed in the media.
  9. When was the last time they had any character who was sexually active - gay or straight who didn't steal someone else's partner?

    This was my point also I was trying to get at - its all very double standards. Other minority groups would not receive this kind of negative connotation against their 'tags'.
  10. True enough, but you know what I mean; characters there are either a big dirty secret to start off with, whose entry storyline is to break up a relationship (Binnie and Della, Tony and Simon, Sonia and Naoimi), or they don't appear to have genitals at all (Derek, Dr Fonseca).

    Off the top of my head; I don't actually watch the bloody programme any more on account that it's shit, but for a soap set in London, which is described as the most welcoming and accepting place in much of the world for gay people, that gay characters are either nasty bastards or non-sexual duds.
  11. Here in America, the FCC will allow to be shown on major networks, such as NBC and ABC, programming that will call gays "Pansy" "Sissy-Mary" "Faggot" "Queen" "Queer" and "limp-wrists" But will not allowed a Children's Program to show a kid who has lesbian mothers, even when the whole concept of them being lesbians isn't even mentioned. It's disgusting.

    Gay men in America are viewed as "Woman's best Friend"- their shopping buddies. Someone to do their hair and nails with. Guys who worship the likes of Hilary Duff and Paris Hilton. Or gay men are viewed as very very promiscuous men who will take someone home every other night. I rememeber I had a conversation with my friend's mother about Bath-Houses and how she was under the impression that all gay men did that. As for Lesbians, they are seen either as Butch-Rosie O'Donald looks-a-likes (With shorter hair) or they are seen as very very young girls who are only lesbians to have threesomes with a girl and a guy.

    Sure, there are people like this in America, but for Christ's Sake. We do the same thing withother minorities, especially Mexicans and Asians, and how it gets away, I don't know. It's incredibly present, and it's very disgusting.
  12. The use of "gay" as slang is abhorent. IIt just really highlights how much needs to change before we have true equality.
  13. Sometimes I read about the gay rights situation in America and think how things are so much better in the UK, but then the BBC endorses the negative use of the word gay or firefighters are praised by the church for declining to hand out safety leaflets at a gay event, or someone is murdered as a result of their sexuality or suspected sexuality, or Lowri Turner says that she loves gay people but they'd be shit at running the country, or David Cameron says that the Tories have 'come to terms' with such 'taboos' as gay marriage and I think that maybe it's not so much better here after all.
  14. The best reasoning. I read the most Ironic Quote:

    "Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines
  15. Agreed.

    I like this one, too:

    "They gave me a medal for killing a man, and a discharge for loving one." - Sgt. Leonard Matlovich.

    Chris Moyles could, if he was less of a pig-headed cunt, actually help the cause of equal rights for all with his show and access to his hugely impressionable young audience.

    But no.

    Ane even Scott Mills says that he doesn't want to be known as 'the gay Radio 1 DJ'. Is that his choice or the BBC's?
  16. I refuse to be noted as the gay singer/writer/producer and when I was on stage actor. It does not make me up. Neither does my skin tone, my range, my hair color, my ethnicity, etc. I'm properly annoyed that Chris hasn't gotten the axe yet.
  17. There's this magazine in Ireland called Gay Community News GCN, and we done a youth issue of it. Anyway, I was the editor and in an article I ripped the Chris Moyles incident apart. It makes me SO angry I can't describe. Anyway here is my editorial rant-aton about the use of the word gay. [please ignore the picture of my face, like oh my god the designer could have used photoshop but no!!]

    I had all these people arguing with me about it one night out. They were really offended, like "you called us stupid." I explained if they put up with casual homophobia then, yeah, they are stupid. It didn't go down too well.
  18. I got about half way down and aside from the misspelling of stationery, I was agreeing, until I got to the bit about lumious pink shoes at which point I started rolling my eyes about how now even most gay men seem to hold the misconception that camp and effeminacy and homosexuality should be linked; they are linked, but they should not be and the reasons behind why they are are quite sinister.

    Other than that, yes, I agree that if we all do our bit to correct people who abuse the word 'gay', then perhaps things will change. But it's unreasonable to think that it's only non-LGBT who need to make most of the changes. We, ourselves need to act like who we are, not some grotesque caricature of who we think we should be.
  19. The pink shoes was just an example of how something "fun" [well I think pink shoes are fun, I am not speaking for the entire gay community] can be "gay" or "queer", and that its not only "shit" things that are "gay" and "queer."

    It was not meant to be a sweeping statment or a stereotype to be put upon all gay men! It was just trying to point out the different contexts in which the word 'gay' can exist, and how the meaning changes. The whole magazine set out to point out that some guys are "camp" and some guys are "straight acting" and that it's all a load of bollocks and we should stop putting such pressure on each other to be someone we're not. To not act camp cause the media says it's the way, and not to act straight cause it will be more socially acceptable- but to be whoever we are, whatever that is.

    Like I'm "femmy" and "camp" and whatever, and a lot of gay guys immediately dismiss me because of it- like saying it is a "grotesque caricature" when in fact I'm just feminine. That's just it. Like if I was "acting up" it has been a pretty consistent act for 19 years! And for camp guys to act manly when they're not is just ridiculous.
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