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YouTube Music (New streaming service)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, May 17, 2018.

  1. (Still no thread about this? Or am I blind?)

    Yay now we can listen to all favorite faux 80s remixes and acoustic covers without wasting all month's mobile data in one day.
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  2. Hm… this has the potential to be interesting, but it will probably be useless.
  3. Many are going to be turned off by the audio quality I can imagine, but I've ripped hundreds of audio tracks from YouTube into MP3 over the years, so I can see this being a nice compliment for listening to demos, live versions and whatnot.

    Can't see them pulling the number of subscriptions required to actually make profit from it though.
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  4. All the official releases will be from the existing Google Play catalogue though, so shouldn't be an issue with sound quality
  5. Mainly this probably spells the end for Google Play Music, which if I remember correctly is relevant to me and @Seanie, and no one else.
  6. SBK


    I've primarily been using it for the library back up recently. Hopefully, they'll not get rid of that.
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  7. Same. We'll see!
  8. It's interesting that they seem to be focusing on the thousands of user uploads available on YouTube (demos, rarities, etc) as a positive for YouTube Music, from articles I've read. I wonder how that works in legal terms though? How would royalties work with songs that essentially do not exist in the registries? Might we see a bigger effort from labels to block or monetise such videos now they're on a monetised/"official" platform?
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  9. Youtube payout rates are kinda criminal but they will never run a successful subscription service.
  10. I use it frequently and have been subbed for ages, apparently I'm eligible for the roll over pricing for the new services. We'll see how nicely the app performs, because the google play app...has been neglected for a long time. I love the service, but for a tech company it's a very clunky platform.
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  11. So this is the same as the youtube app but only the audio plays? There are countless free third party apps that do this already.
  12. Considering how many people I know listen to their music off YouTube, I think this has legs. They really need work on their royalty rate though (as others have echoed above).
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  13. I'm guessing this will be more functional and organised than any YouTube app that exists already, plus it will have the full Google Play library available in high quality
  14. Do we know if by "high quality" they mean 128kbps as all YouTube videos are encoded at this bit-rate, or are they upping the audio quality?
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  15. So.... I got the update a couple weeks ago and it's a mess. None of my playlists transferred, it has none of the GPM features that Google promised this app would have (apparently the actual migration of features will take place later this year nn) and the app itself looks like an Android app from 2012. Yikes.

    I'm not sure if Youtube Red is enough of a perk for me to stick with this service which means having to choose between GPM which is basically an abandoned project awaiting its imminent death or this shit new app. The fact that they advertised this as a Spotify killer or whatever is a massive joke.
  16. Yeah in case anyone was wondering what was going on with this:

    They really should have focused on making GPM less bad. The 50k file storage is cool so I've had it for all the stuff that's not on Spotify. It wouldn't be that hard to improve either, there's several bad decisions that should be obvious to anyone who plays with it for a handful of minutes. No idea if I will keep my subscription now that Spotify's k-pop coverage is rounding out pretty well, I like the idea of supporting artists better via Youtube Red but....
  17. Music uploaded to YouTube Music can not be downloaded again.

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  18. Does anyone on here currently use it? I'm contemplating on subscribing so I can have a place for all the stuff that Spotify doesn't have. Is it worth it?
  19. "In contrast to Google Play Music, YouTube Music uploads are a one-way street. Once you've imported files, there's no way to download them through the website or the app. You'll have to use Google Takeout to do that."

    It's not for me, but maybe you don't mind. I went for 2TB on Dropbox and CloudPlayer instead.
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