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YouTube Music (New streaming service)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by KamikazeHeart, May 17, 2018.

  1. Yes and no. It’s great in the sense that you pretty much have access to a lot of fan-uploaded tracks on YouTube, meaning that you can listen to live albums, demos, remixes etc, without having to upload anything yourself. There are some tracks that aren’t available on there that you will have to source yourself, but the amount of music you have access to eclipses that of other music providers. As mentioned, the fact that you can upload stuff as well is pretty good too.

    However, the algorithm for YouTube music absolutely sucks. If you play any pop song, it will shuffle the same goddamn songs afterwards. It’s near impossible to discover new music because the algorithm is so shocking bad.

    Plus, numerous bugs, inability to cast to other devices properly, the fact it will mess up you YouTube likes, and many more issues. They claim to be improving it, and they have improved it a lot from what it was since it first came out, but honestly the only thing stopping me from switching to Spotify is the fact that I can upload music and that it gives access to YouTube without ads.
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  2. Thanks, I think I'll use the 1 month trial to see how I like it. I really only want to use it for stuff like bonus tracks, b-sides, remixes and other stuff that isn't on Spotify (I don't care too much for sound quality, I don't think of myself as an audiophile) and a way to listen to it all conveniently on my phone while the app is in the background so this seems like the best option for me since Spotify is an absolute nightmare with local files.
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