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YouTuber Drama - endless entertainment

Discussion in 'The Internet' started by ladygagaogaga, May 16, 2020.

  1. Im guessing the age profile of this forum is older than the young age group that YouTubers are popular with and that is why this forum has no posts about YouTuber dramas.

    However, I am 32 years old and quarantine curiousity got the better of me with regards to YouTubers and can I just say... The drama aspect is endlessly entertaining. I have dabbled in it before with the dote girl drama.

    The extraness of YouTuber Drama is just so entertaining and unintentionally funny. However, quite often, the dramas open up important discussions on race, homophobia etc in the same ways that America's Next Top Model did for my generation (despite being a show about a superficial topic) and MTV/VH1 did.

    Some materials for watching:
    The most bizzare YouTube drama:

    A good intro to drama:

    Here is a call out video:


    A great series featuring lots of crying and wincing:
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  2. I would have to nominate queen Lillee Jean

    The situation has even gotten worse with her saying she has been in a relationship with a 9 year age gap since she was 14 and her crazy mother going after people

    This one came out today

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  3. So weird, I found myself reading up on youtube drama yesterday...

    Does anyone remember the youtuber Glozell Green, I had a random urge to look her up yesterday and I was shocked to find out that her and husband SK have divorced. IDK why but it hit me hard.

    But anyway, Tasha K seems to always have some kind of messy drama going on with fellow youtubers/ Cardi B
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