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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by saviodxl, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. He's not that famous, but he's not that obscure since he's not eligible for the PopJustice Song Contest due to a #19 he's featuread in Gorgon's City single 'Unmissable' in 2014.

    This lad even worked with Avicii, but it was only in 2017 he relesead his first solo LP called "Only When We're Naked". It reached a humble #100 in the UK Album Charts, but it's better than not reaching the top 100 I guess!

    Without further ado, it's time we have a thread to talk about him! The perfect option if you like dramatic male vocalists that are not dull!

    Fun fact: befeore launching his music carreer he was training to be a professional tennis player, 'cause you know, multi-talented people.

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  2. He's really cute and 'Unstable' is a bop. I'll have to check out the rest later!

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  4. I will... after I get the PJSC all sorted for y'all, of course!

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  5. I really liked his Joker collaboration and have been following him for a couple of years. Nothing he's done has really wow-ed me yet but I know he has it in him, and all the other stuff is at least good.
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  6. I'm so glad he finally got his album out. Didn't he announce it like a year ago and it kept getting pushed?
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  7. His album is honestly one of my highlights of the year. Only When We're Naked is a total tune.
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  8. He is such a great artist! I hope he will do well in the future! He has co-written a song in Paloma Faith's upcoming record
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  10. This thread should be good.
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  11. He is really cute one of my top 5 celeb crushes atm if I'm honest.
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  12. His album is really good. Good lyrics and very cohesive. One of my favourite releases this year, plus he's very cute.

    I love Still Want UUU, Only When We're Naked, Unstable, Awakening, All I Ever Do (Is Say Goodbye), and Deserve to Be Loved the most.

    He also has this song that is not on the album that I really like:
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  13. It's such a strong debut album but the waiting did make me lose interest by the time it came out if I'm honest. Luckily when I started listening I was hooked back into him. Unstable is still the best thing on there though.
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  14. My anthem:

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  15. His song Say Sumthing is really underrated.
  16. His whole carreer so far you mean
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  17. The album is pretty great actually, Unstable should of been massive!!
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  18. I'm really enjoying the album. One of the best pop albums by a guy this year.
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  19. I KNOW! Who's to blame? The label? People's bad taste?
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