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Zak Abel

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by saviodxl, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. I just now realized that he is no longer with Atlantic. He is signed to Vertigo Berlin, the same label that signed Lewis Capaldi.
  2. He's released a new single today:

    I'm liking his new 'era'. In addition to Be Kind and Right Side Of The Bed, he's released two other songs:

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  3. How does he look 11 in some pics and 38 in others.
  4. I went to his gig on Wednesday at Koko and I have to say he was really good live! And so good to be back at Koko too.

    He's got a new song out today:
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  6. Zak is now signed to BMG which is the perfect place for him so it'll be interesting to see what music he comes out with next year now. He also said he's planning another tour for next year.
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  7. He was fantastic at Koko earlier this year! and the BMG UK is great news indeed. I'm also surprised by his streaming numbers, for someone rather unknown.
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  8. I'll finally be able to see him live! Can't wait!
  9. I think he is so awesome!
  10. I'm tempted to get the meet and greet package in Prague. It's reasonably priced and I think he must be really fun to meet
  11. That's quite a big booking for him!
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