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Zara Larsson - 3rd Album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. She sounds great here and the staging is nice but that looks could do with some work. Why they'd give her that tacky Ronald McDonald wig with that dress is beyond me.
  2. She should've just released Wow for dat kids' movie or whatever.
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  3. Female pop star dates lucky male fans? Sure.
  4. Well that was fucking awkward ddd.
  5. Acoustic performances of Invisible, All the Time and Ruin My Life for Musikhjälpen 2019:

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  6. RJF


    Her latest Instagram story was so stupid and yet I screamed anyway.
  7. Snippets of Zara’s version of Little Mix’s Think About Us and an unreleased song called You. They’re rumoured to be from her scrapped/shelved/indefinitely postponed third album:

  8. I had no idea Zara recorded Think About Us! Would love to hear her version /anything from her at this point.
  9. Stopping in to say All The Time should have been a worldwide number one.
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  10. Wow deserved SO MUCH better! What an absolute wig-snatching bop!
  11. I had Rooftop come up on shuffle and remembered all over again what a great track it is. We're never going to get that third album at this rate are we?
  12. I think we’ll get a third album but I’m wondering if it’ll be in the current label and/or management situation she’s currently in. She seems to genuinely love performing/being a pop star and is a super hard worker so I don’t see her throwing in the towel anytime soon.
  13. I would really love to know what the hell is going on behind the scenes.
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  14. Another campaign waiting for R9 release to free up some good songs that are on hold (see ask Normani) probably.
  15. Did we know she'd demoed 'Think About Us' before now?

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  17. Suddenly I can’t read etc.
  18. RMK


    Think About Us could be a killer Zara song had she actually sung it, that sort of dragging sing-talk in the demo did her no favors.
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