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Zara Larsson - Poster Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Another example:

    Bananarama, A-ha, Culture Club, basically most 80s or 90s acts who wrote their own songs and have had 3-4 big hits or so have continued living lavish lifestyles / in mansions without the worry of new music for decades because of their publishing coin.
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  2. Yeah publishing basically represents her as a writer and can treat you very well if you manage to get even one decent writing credit on a song that gets used in movies, TV, adverts etc. Charli will have 'I Love It' or 'Fancy' used in different kinds of media until basically the end of time, for instance.

    Zara is at the point in her career where she probably does so many writing sessions that one of 'those' will come up eventually, even if she's not the main artist.
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  3. Tudor-style mansions stay bought!
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  4. I can't believe we finally made it to release week nn
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  5. Sounds way better than Talk About Love dd. It’s still baffling that Epic chose that as the last official pre-release single.
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  6. I've heard the album and yes, I think that most of the album tracks would made a much better single than Talk About Love, including Need Someone. I guess they went with it because of the feature to possibly maybe made some fuzz in the states? I feel like that campaign was an endless chase of even half-semi-minor-hit in the USA, leaving her focus market Europe with nothing, and now probably resulting in Europe leaving her now with poor album sales.
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  7. Yeah, but Young Thug fans don’t care about Swedish pop stars. The song shouldn’t have even made the album.
  8. I am actually so perched for this record. I thoroughly enjoyed 'So Good' and cannot wait for the basic bops and charisma to shine through once more!

    She always delivers.
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  9. Thanks guys for explaining it. I initially thought it could have essentially been a writing contract but wasn't sure. So very similar to MNEK I guess
  10. The problem is that they wasted the only minor hit they had with Ruin My Life back in 2018 by not releasing the album right after
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  11. Ruin My Life was released in 2018?

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  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's blowing my mind that "Love Me Land", "Wow", and "Talk About Love" didn't even chart in the UK. I don't see how she's going to come back from this? I mean who knows, she's still young so maybe she's one song away from having a hit again, but to go from having a string of top ten, multi-platinum smashes to not even being able to chart is just tragic.

    How anyone thought that an act like her who relies on radio and playlisting and the general label machine could go four years without an album... I guess the writing has been on the wall all along I suppose.
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  13. I can only echo what most of you are saying. It's such a shame they dropped the ball so hard in the UK, she was just as successful here as she was in Sweden. It's crazy to think the first era produced six legitimately massive smashes with Never Forget You, Lush Life, Girls Like with Tinie Tempah, Ain't My Fault, I Would Like and Symphony with Clean Bandit. Ruin My Life is a Platinum hit also.

    The situation is bad for sure but I think radio will give her one last opportunity to prove herself with the with the lead single from her next album. Purely on the basis that she's still so young and her previous repertoire of hits were so big. Some tough decisions need to be made behind the scenes if she wants to attempt any form of course correction. It's not impossible.

    If they're smart, this album will be the done the week it releases and they'll have a new lead lined up for the Summer. She can't afford to disappear after this.
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  14. Watch them release Poster Girl deluxe/repackage for summer and trying to capitalise on Ariana Grande featuring, which will probably end up as mediocre song with Ariana's background vocals and adlibs.
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  15. It's so wild how she went from getting a UK #2 with I Would Like despite it not having a music video and not even being supposed to be a proper single – to this.
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  16. Zara absolutely still has a chance to redeem her career, but everything that has happened basically pulled her back to square one.

    Get Joel Corry on the phone, have the album next ready to go and no more changing plans along the way.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Yeah it's upsetting that her best chance of really getting back in the frame is a feature on a Joel Corry/Jax Jones song. But at least it would most likely be a bop!
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  18. I swear any time one of our faves is in dire straights and we wish for a collab with some a contemporary DJ / Dance hitmaker, it's the one time that act doesn't scale the charts and they manage to flop anyway ddd. Our girls are cursed.
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  19. Marina destroying Clean Bandit's streak of Top 10s was kinda iconic teebs.
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