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Zara Larsson - Poster Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Sep 12, 2017.

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    It's cute but vocally she's not even really trying. Next!
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  2. It serves its purpose its a basic throwaway bop. I love! She looks incred as always
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  3. It does what it needs to do and I prefer it to When I'm Gone. Bopping!
  4. You know it’s fine but then I went on a Zara listening spree, you know Poster Girl wasn’t absolutely atrocious but damn does Epic just not want her to succeed with the shitty ass campaign rollouts. They also need to get her working with Ian Kirkpatrick more cause FFF is a goddamn bop and a half.
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  5. Poster Girl could have become a cute cult classic album for the gays.
  6. RMK


    Maybe for the aesthetic and potential, but a bulk of the album isn't good enough for that. All The Time was probably the best song to come out of the entire campaign, and it was left off the final album.

    The title track slaps. Everything else is beneath it by a wide margin.
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  7. Yeah, I only revisit Ruin My Life, All the Time, Don’t Worry Bout Me, Love Me Land, FFF and the album’s title track from any of her 2018-2021 releases.
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  8. Ruin My Life is insanely good - under-appreciated at the time, a total smash. The only song I revise from Poster Girl apart from the title track, obv
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  9. An underrated bop.
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  10. I genuinely wonder whose fault it is the material that's leaked from her various album sessions is better than what gets selected for the album. Label choice? Her choice?
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  11. Her finest.
  12. I love the Poster Girl album - perfect basic bop collection.
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  13. Words pops off.
  14. Words is great but its's missing half of the song.
  15. Ever.
  16. I cannot stop listening to Words. I hope they do some longer remixes.
  17. An outtake titled Clubbin’ from early Poster Girl sessions circa 2018/2019 surfaced recently.
  18. MB


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  19. The version of “Lay All Your Love On Me” she performed live was amazing so I am READY for this.
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  20. Lush (ha!) version of Lay All Your Love On Me! Loving it based on the snippet already!
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