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Zara Larsson - Poster Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. WAIT the choreo at the end is from Bad Boys!

    The criminally short twin BOPS!
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  2. The charisma just pouring out of my screen while watching that video? I'm gagged.
  3. Her start quality is like no other. As she has shown us before, she doesn't need a bunch of dancers behind her to serve a performance and a video, she fills up the room with her energy. I really hope this does something for her and that she can at least get her album out.
  4. I’m mesmerized by the video. The song is probably her best. The violin strings coming in and out are A MOMENT.
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  5. I don't know if I like this but my god does she know how to work a camera. I'm glad she's reminding everyone she can rock some choreography.
  6. The video is amazing, her look is giving me Gaga and her movements are mesmerizing. The song... exists. Nice production, interesting melodies, just a bit nothing-y. Reminds me of Dark Horse in that it sounds like a never-ending build up to a drop that never comes.
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  7. Yeah the video is a complete serve and just reiterates who lacking the song is without a good chorus. The verse and pre chorus are still a WHOLE ASS bop, though. And Zara is such a star.
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  8. The whole thing is at 100% the entire time. Great lil' single.
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  9. I really like the production. I wish we had a repeat of the "hey ey ah ah" verse, but other than that the length doesn't bother me at all.
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  10. RJF


    I've listened to this a few times today and it's just... passed through me each time.
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  11. I’m... surprised? I kind of love everything about this.

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  12. I'm glad I waited for the video to drop before properly listening to Love Me Land. It really is a track (and, by extension, a video) that could've benefitted from another... 45 (?) seconds, maybe more - at least enough to fit in a massive chorus and a bit more, by my guess. But the song itself is pleasing to listen to, murky-at-best chorus aside, and I love the production work on it. Does it need more? Yes. Is everything we got great? Well, also yes!

    Hoping we get a good remix to this that'll allow the song to truly breathe and pop off.
  13. I want to like this so much more than I do.
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  14. The video ... I'm now officially a Love Me Land resident and working on my full citizenship.
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  15. Honest legend.
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  16. Now this response I have to stan.
  17. Okay that album description has me perched.
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  18. @lushLuck's hunty Douglas did a cute job with that interview and I could honestly watch her speak for hours. It's encouraging to hear the album is done, covers are shot and she sounds really excited about everything.
    Watch it get pushed back indefinitely.
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