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Zara Larsson - Poster Girl

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sexercise, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. I think we ALL know who invented dancing in a room on her own, don't we girls? The one dame, the one name that ya'll know.
    Atleast.. she'll claim she invented it. Stream "Anna Wintour" for clean skin!!
  2. Ddd why is Mia Khalifa trying to start pop drama omg...?

    I don't hear any similarities musically and there's nothing original about Alice's video either so this is a non issue.
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  3. This is such a shameless reach, it's actually funny.
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  4. Slow day huh. This reach, I cannot.

    but I’m bopping!
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  5. Not that the claim had any merit in the first place but I decided to investigate. Mia highlights the Hourglass video, which is a loose connection at best, but if Alice’s tweet is actually about her most recent single, I can sort of see the aesthetic connection.

    Except... this video was released on May 28th, and Zara filmed the Love Me Land video on May 22nd, per her tweet:

    Not that it needed spelling out, but as someone who actually has a career in the industry, Alice would... presumably understand how production schedules work.
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  6. The funniest part of it is that there’s no win on either side. Taking offence over... scraps really isn’t worth it.
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  7. I think Alice is referring to Hourglass & Wonderland, not Two of Us.
    There are visual similarities but I doubt it's more than coincidence.

  8. I mean I doubt Alice saw this tweet but still what are the similarities here? That they're both blonde and shot in front of a dark background?
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  9. Mia Khalifa and others who are on Alice’s side of this mess seem to imply that the choreography is similar? At least that’s what I gathered from Mia’s post.
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  10. Well... women be dancing.
  11. What was the deleted tweet? Anyway, this song has been stuck in my head all day
  12. Seems to be this. Funny how she said this then said that Zara sounds amazing on the song, though.
  13. I don't think I can even comprehend the idea of Zara Larsson watching Alice Chater music videos with her notepad in hand.

    And literally who cares what Mia Khalifa, of all people, has to say about anything I...
  14. This makes no sense cause literally a bunch of other artists have been doing videos performing by themselves in a studio because of rona? Or did she invent dancing by yourself in an empty building? Call Your Girlfriend says hi
  15. Alice's five stans need to not gas her up over this, because it's a bit embarrassing to be this pressed empty studio.
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  16. Ain't her fault to be controver$ial. Stream Love Me Land.
  17. Is it even worth my time Googling who any of these people are?
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  18. I never thought a Lebanese adult film star will debut on PopJustice but here she is defending Alice Chater of all people. 2020 is wild.
  19. Stan culture doing the most, dancing in a leotard on an empty set with visuals ain't reinventing the narrative.

    I'll warm up to Love Me Land, not as instant as everything else Zara has done. But honey, I cannot wait for this album!! She's been serving great pop music. Such a shame she's on Epic though...
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