Zara Larsson - VENUS


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You would've thought "Love Me Land" and "Ruin My Life" were the biggest songs in the world by how she performed them. Imagine hearing that intro for "Love Me Land" blaring through an arena? Whew. And the way she bulldozed her way through "Ain't My Fault" and "Wow" like that still has me reeling.

I also can't believe the production value? IKEA came through. I thought the show was just gonna be her on a stage with dancers, I didn't realize we were in for multiple set-ups!

What a spectacular show. I mentioned this before but it's all just so inexplicably bittersweet at this point. Such an absolute, undeniable STAR and yet *gestures to her discography* this is all she has to show for it.
It's been a minute since I've devoted effort to giving a pretty meh album a second chance and rejigging the track list. That's how much I love Zara as a person. Obviously I added the singles and chucked out Talk About Love, I Need Love and Stick with You almost instantly, and it's a very solid 36 minutes. That said...

”I'm done waiting four years [between albums],” she declares. “I will release this baby, and then I'll just ride onto the next album. I feel like I have so much left to discover, such a long way to go and so many goals to achieve in this pop star world.” She unleashes another dazzling smile, a mischievous glint just barely perceptible in her eye, “Honestly, I’m only just getting started.”

I don’t really get the Stick With You hate either. It’s maybe a bit bland compared to some of the other tracks but it’s perfectly inoffensive and maybe needed a middle eight to really bring it home but it’s not as terrible as people make it out to be.