Zara Larsson - VENUS

The Apple Music track-by-track commentary is... illuminating. I'll be taking End of Time and Ammunition, thanks.

'Til the next Zara Larsson album release hellscape!

I think it may be... her worst album? After first listen literally none of the new track sticks to me, and I've always been a sucker for Zara basic bops. I'm claiming Can't Tame Her and You Love Who You Love and I guess that's it for me. You get Danja and Rick Novels on the records and that is the output?

There's also new leak called Comfort Zone and well, it's better than 3/4 of the album.
I remember when Poster Girl came out I was disappointed. I enjoyed half of it. I really didn’t expect much from this. The title track is the highlight. Love Who You Love has grown on me a lot and I always liked Can’t Tame Her. More Than This Was sounds like it will improve on further listens but the rest just sounds like filler I won’t return to.

I really like Zara but her discography is getting patchier each year
I love a basic bop as much as the next gay, but this album is not it. The few okayish tracks are forgettable, and the rest just instantly goes into the bin. I listened to this album with low expectations, yet was still disappointed. I genuinely wonder what the issue is here - is the label forcing her to record bland songs and release them, or is this truly a reflection of the kind of music she wants to be making right now? Everything about her screams superstar to me, but she just lacks the music to back it up, which is such a shame because I really want to be rooting for her.
He / Him / His
Everything here just sounds like… tracks nobody else would want.

Even at her commercial peak, the music was obviously faceless but the hooks and presentation were solid, and she sold the hell out of it. This entire album just oscillates between bland midtempos with no hooks and uptempo tracks which should theoretically provide a shot in the arm… but also have mediocre hooks and sound cheap as shit.
I just cancelled my pre-order CD.

I thought the reactions on here were just the initial reactions to Poster Girl which actually grew on people in the long run. But this is very poor. She’s so much better than these songs.
It’s never going to happen. She’ll do the occasional Christmas shows and a corporate gig here and there for a reduced fee, and that’s about it.