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Zavvi in trouble!

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by AceReject, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Zavvi has been shit since Entertainment UK collapsed. Luckily for me there's a Fopp near my uni college.
  2. I miss Fopp.I want my rare CD's and low prices back!

    Saying that, Zavvi's prices for CDs and DVDs aren't bad.I keep meaning to buy a calendar there.
  3. What actually happened with Fopp? I'd never seen one, but heard they went tits up, and then when I went to uni I found one on the high street that was really very nicely priced. I got an amazing Bob Dylan box set for a fiver!
  4. Ah yeah of course! How could I forget about Fopp! Theres a pretty good one in Bristol.

    Zavvi has been getting worse and worse though, still sad to see it go though... Although maybe because of this HMV and Fopp will start doing better?
  5. Theres a massive one in Manchester, it's hidden tho really, down the road Tesco metro is on the corner of in Manc City Centre. Guessing it's cheaper shop rent there so they can continue to trade.
  6. Last weekend I went to the Zavvi in Meadowhall.
    I have a newly decorated room that's only black and white.
    To my delight I found a HUUUUGE poster of Bowie's "Heros".
  7. The company went tits up and most of the shops closed.Some were bought by HMV though, and have stayed open.That's only about 8, however.The other 90-ish waved bye bye.
  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I heard that Fopp bought Music Zone, and then went down the pan itself.
    I've never seen one, though.

    This is quite ridiculous.
    The supermarkets are going to have to increase their music selection tenfold.

    Zavvi is a bit rubbish.
    They have a big section full of "cheap" CDs and DVDs, but as they are all 4-5 years old they should be low-priced anyway!
  9. paul lekakis

    paul lekakis Guest

    Music Zone was amazing, I had never seen so many lowpriced CD's DVD's in one place.
    I remember buying the CD+DVD Edition of Cooper Temple Clause's "Kick Up The Fire and Let The Flames Break Loose" for 2 bucks, and that was just a couple of months after release.
  10. Zavvi's brilliant for deluxe editions, always about £3-£4 cheaper than HMV!
  11. Its an awful shop and deserves to close

    Full of cheap and useless DVD boxsets, its music section continues to decrease and they seem to move the aisles around every few weeks

    I can never find what i want in my local Zavvi, it's back catalogue sections are laughable and the staff know nothing about releases or their stock. It's 'pile em high' approach to entertainment is off-putting and it fails in every way possible.

    Good riddance

    L xxxx
  12. I much prefer Zavvi to HMV. HMV is seriously overpriced. Don't go Zavvi, we love you!!
  13. Zavvi in Leeds has already terminated its lease on its top floor to an adjoining shop (it's a secret tho obviously) which means if they even last a few months, only the underground floor will remain. Not surprised to see them go - although a shame, they were always cheaper than HMV.
  14. How would they use the underground floor then, when the top is how you get down to the bottom, and where both entrances are? :S
  15. There are two entrances! One on the top floor and one underground via a shopping arcade. I can honestly say that I've never been in the Leeds Zavvi since it changed hands. It's awful. Mind you, I was never a big fan of Virgin either.
  16. I'm confused now. I was convinced with the Leeds Zavvi you walk from shopping centre bit (which has a multi-floor H & M and an oddly placed child's merry-go-round on its own in a corner) and then you can go right, towards the exit onto the street that goes upwards with quite a few shops on.
    orrrr go down the stairs to where all the music and stuff is kept
    but had to go upstairs to get out of either way regardless.
    Hmmm... I haven't been to Leeds in a few months.
  17. Nah, there's an entrance/exit into the shopping arcade from the lower floor with all the music in. So there are two entrances/exits, one on each floor. Or at least, I think so anyway!
  18. I don't understand the point of Zaavi, full stop. It's neither a Virgin, nor a Fopp, nor anything really. It's overpriced on some items, and ridiculously cut-price on others. The main vibe you get from one of their stores is a total lack of interest in what they do. Once you've cut through the defeaning thrash metal or latest club sounds pumping through the PA system.

  19. I dont like Zavvi because its green!
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